FIFA 15: 15 Ratings EA Sports Have Got Completely Wrong

WC: Whether it’s a completely harsh downgrade, an inexplicable upgrade or a static rating, we’ve rounded up 15 Ratings EA Sports Have Got Completely Wrong in FIFA 15 – and we also have a bone to pick with the No.1 rated player, too. To find out why, and so much more besides, click ‘next’ to get started.

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bouzebbal1553d ago

Ronaldo blows Messi off the water, especially last season!!
Messi won best player of world cup just because of the shared sponsor (ADIDAS).. EA have a deal with Messi so they up his stats, logic! Reality is all different and that's what make games always inferior!

exnoob1553d ago

You're talking out your ass. I only agree with you about messi not deserving the best player of the World Cup.

bouzebbal1553d ago

is it swimming world cup you watched? the guy scored 3 goals, all 3 were in first round against Iran in 90th minute and i dont know what low teams more.

KTF261553d ago

why always Ronaldo vs. Messi?
there are other players out there
Di Maria was the best player in "La Liga" last season

"Ronaldo blows Messi off the water,"
that's why Messi has higher Goal/Match ratio and more assists in his carrier

"especially last season!!"
until he got the Ballon d'Or
after that he didn't do anything special
Messi in the second half wasn't the best and he also didn't do anything special but definitely he was better than Ronaldo

Aces171553d ago

People need to accept that unless Messi has a terrible season he will be the best player in all games

weekev151553d ago

Could that be because Messi is the best player?

Spontogical1553d ago

But he isn't.. and hasn't been for nearly 16 months now.

Aces171552d ago

He isnt. Ronaldo had a better season than him in every way last season.

weekev151552d ago

Form is temporary, class is permanent.