Sony Morpheus, and why I want to bet on it.

Morpheus has made only brief appearances and I wouldn't be surprised Sony is scratching their heads on how to Show off an VR experience to viewers. Its like when Nintendo was trying to promote the 3DS. Kind of hard to show off 3D features when majority of the world is using 2D displays... Also its been the same demos shown again and again. It does make one begin to wonder, just how the project is going and is it in Jeopardy?

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MRMagoo1231500d ago

Can not wait till the VR machines are out and about, its going to be a game changer imo.

ElementX1500d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about VR. For extended gaming sessions, turning your head frequently may lead to soreness or possibly a sprain if you move fast enough. Also, wearing anything over your face traps in heat and can lead to perspiration and a nasty funk if left long enough without cleaning.

I'm sure it'll be fun for a while, though. I'm just not too sure about the longevity of the idea at this point.

JoGam1500d ago

Why does ur comment remind me of Debbie Downer? Lol

ElementX1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Everybody thought Move and 3DTV were going to be the next best thing and look what happened. I'm cautious about getting my hopes up.

Omega Zues1500d ago

I still remember the huge advertising that Samsung had for the big 3Dtv debut and sadly no one is talking about 3D anymore.

raptorjacob1500d ago

Ah 3dtvs. I bought one and own 0 3d movies. I can't justify $30 for a movie. I just rent 3d. Hope the price is right for vr

XBLSkull1500d ago

I think everyone wants to try it. But I bet this think comes out at a $200+ price point and 99% of people aren't going to be able to justify paying that kind of money for a peripheral.

MrPink20131500d ago

Morpheus will fall victim to the cap limit Sony needs to charge for it to make it a mainstream product. Oculus will be priced higher but will outperform Morpheus. This is one of the issues with consoles, they need to market to a wide audience and to do that they need the price to be low. That limits possibilities and also explains why game consoles priced over $400 have a tough time selling.

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crazysapertonight1500d ago

I don't need VR without games for it. So i better bet on Oculus Rift.

nX1500d ago

What a terribly idiotic comment.

crazysapertonight1500d ago

I know only several games that will be support Pr Morpheus, and All games that I know support Oculus Rift. That is what I am talking about)

specialguest1500d ago

How is it idiotic? Based on history, Sony does a terrible job supporting their products. Look at the eye toy and Move. 1 new game with support in 3-4 months is not going to cut it. Sony makes high quality products, but their support sucks.

The last time I heard about the Move was that Sorcery was going to save it. Took many months to be released, and it was just a "meh" game. Then nothing after that. If Sony wants Morpheus to succeed, they better step it up and do much better than their Move treatment.

lemoncake1500d ago

It's going to be a struggle to get the average console gamer to buy the vr tech, anything that doesn't come bundled with the console from day one is a hard sell. Maybe Sony will hold onto it until next gen.

teknx1500d ago

I disagree, look how well the Kinect sold when it first came out mid gen of the XBOX 360. On the other hand, bundling a peripheral doesn't guarantee it's success and adoption (e.g. XBOX one and Kintect2)

teknx1500d ago

I hear a lot of people calling VR the next gimmick/tech fad. They are probably people who haven't even tried it yet.

Once Oculus VR and Morpheus start being demoed in stores like Best Buy where regular people try it for themselves, I think it will sell very well as long as they have good games at launch that show off the tech.

Just look at how well the Kinect sold and that's no where near as good a product as the Rift or Morpheus.

edqe1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Once they test games like "Elite: Dangerous" or "Star Citizen" there is no going back to flat monitor anymore. Even better if they get the experience with HOTAS.

Sure, it may take some time to get VR work fine for example with FPS games but it definitely works very well with space and car simulation games already.

OldDude1500d ago

I would rather see better support for the systems they already have out. Sony's track record of supporting add-ons isn't exactly stellar.

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