Destiny, the most anticipated video game of 2014, utilizes Finnish graphics technology, Umbra 3

Umbra Software’s visibility tech helps Bungie to create the next generation of video game graphics

Destiny, the upcoming and award-winning game created by the critically-acclaimed developer Bungie and published by Activision Publishing, Inc. is powered in part by the Umbra Visibility Solution developed by Umbra Software in Finland. Umbra’s visibility technology has been in development since 2007, and now several of the most respected game studios and successful video games use the Umbra 3 Visibility Solution.

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xer01501d ago

With unreal engine regularly making the news rounds. I am kinda glad it's something other than that.

Looking forward to playing Destiny tonight :)

mochachino1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Too bad it couldn't utilize some more inspired art design. Graphics are technically nice, much nicer than the beta but still so sterile.

Each environment is so bland and forgettable. Can't believe I'm saying this but it could use some elaborate set pieces. The sky is gorgeous but that's it. Some games can make a wasteland beautiful and strangely inviting. The world of Destiny on the other hand is bleak and depressingly bare.

Can't put my finger on exactly what it is but there's no charm to anything. The future and space should be more exciting. Mass Effect art designers did it, whether a city, barren planet, etc. Destiny feels like i'm in a space junkyard or dreary industrial area.

Great gunplay though.

user56695101501d ago

This game have average gfx so I don't see the point of bringing this up

sipale1501d ago

Suomi perkele xd en kyllä tienny