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MGS4 is the best game in the series, the best game Hideo Kojima has ever made, and also the best game yet to be released on "next-gen" platforms.

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LeSouteneur3776d ago

But I don't have official confirmation, Play magazine online doesn't post their actual score on the top right hand corner until after a period of time.

KidMakeshift3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Play gave Lair a 9
Viking a 9.5

The don't give out scores anymore because they're sensationalist. They're overly enthusiastic about every game they preview and review. It's a rarity to see anything in Play magazine with a score lower than 8

LeSouteneur3776d ago

Who cares, it needs that 10 to counteract those dumb 8s those other sites like Chris ****head Buffa gave it

KidMakeshift3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I'd give it a B-, but that's just me. Sorry

I don't think GTA 4, Mass Effect, Halo 3 and all those other 9+ games from this year and last are anywhere as good as the "critics" say they are

I'm in the film industry and possibly in the game industry within the next 5 years so I have to sit through some of the best and worse in entertainment (Funny Games nearly destroyed me lol). I don't criticize with a magnifying glass in hand. I just give my take on very apparent flaws I see. Some don't notice nor care about the same things like next-gen shadowing, which is jagged and unnatural looking, but that kinda stuff can't needs to be more thoroughly criticized so it'll cease to exist in future games.

ohhthegore3776d ago

Sometimes Its not always such a bad idea to lower your expectations just a tad bit

KidMakeshift3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I don't really have high expectations
I didn't have any reservation for MSG4. I knew what to expect, but unfortunately, I was more disappointed by it than I thought

I thought Bioshock was going to be awful because the premise sounded stupid to me, but after playing it I thought it was definitely one of the best games of last year. The last 2 chapters of the game were a tad underwhelming, and I was really hoping that water would play a part in the game. The game could have been above water and it wouldn't make a difference. I have some other nit picks with it, but overall, I thought it deserved some of the high scores (not perfect scores) it got like A/B+ range.

In all these overly praised MGS4 reviews, they simply just gush about it and not one of these high/perfect scored reviews ever feels like a review because there's no critique nor merit to their claims why the game is so "magnificent."

I know everyone is going to disagree and take away my bubbles like they have (lost 3 because of MGS4 comment), but at least I back up my comments and have actually played the game. 99% of the posters on here just say it's great, and perfect, and haha microsoft Sony triumphs, but none of them back up their comments. It's just fragmented, misspelled banter. I can't help but question how many have actually played it and played it enough (it's alright up to the end of act 3) to really make such claims

ohhthegore3776d ago

We are all entitled to our opinions and I'll give you with a bubble for backing it up. I have yet to play Bioshock and Im pretty excited to play it at the end of this year. Mind you that I'm trying not to put my expectations too high though? Will it be better than Deus Ex? I will have to wait and see

KidMakeshift3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )


I might get Bioshock for the PS3 if it looks better or if they add some new stuff to it. There's still no need for a sequel or prequel. A movie could be interesting since I'm sure water will actually play a big part in the movie. It's definitely worth playing if you like FPS games with good atmosphere (Call of Cthulhu is another good one), but like all FPS games the gameplay and style will start feeling redundant (it's a 20+ hr game).

I forgot all about Deus Ex. The last one was so long ago (like 2003 I think). I thought the second one was pretty good from what I can remember.

rockleex3775d ago

When people talk about how great MGS4 is, they can't tell why its so good... because if they did, then they would TOTALLY spoil the surprises.

Although the game was pretty damn awesome in terms of gameplay prior to act 3. The mind blowing stuff came AFTER act 3! No other game has blown me away as much as MGS4 has.

What makes MGS4 so special is that it makes sure you're always experiencing something new in each act. It takes many different gameplay genres and puts them in the game in such a nice way.

You speak of how we don't explain why MGS4 is so good, but you don't speak on why its not so good either. You make it seem like all these reviews do is praise MGS4, but you must have not read them carefully because all the reviews that gave MGS4 perfect scores also point out its flaws too.

Tell me where they failed. Tell me what they could have done to bring it closer to perfect.

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RobertGonz693776d ago

best game ever. No questions asked.

WIIIS13776d ago

As a game, it is not the best ever. But the overall package is fine.

clintos593776d ago

Anyone who says no, just ask IGN and Gamespot and Gamepro and Famitsu. Those are major sites and for them to give it a perfect 10 is all we need to know how great this game is. And playing the game and am on chapter 3, so far I have to agree with every good review for MGS4. The game is that good and is why it will go down in history as one of the greatest games of all time. And is the best gaming expirience I have had this next gen. :)

Redlight3776d ago

That 'review' is a little creepy. Kojima must have a bunch of stalkers.

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