PALGN: Emergency Mayhem Review - Someone should have called 000 earlier

PALGN writes: "Emergency Mayhem is a game that has had quite a turbulent development history. The game was originally announced for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox at E3, 2004 and was to be published and developed by Acclaim. Unfortunately, Acclaim filed for bankruptcy in Sepember 2006 and the chances of Emergency Mayhem being released seemed slim. However, in May 2007 Warner Bros. purchased the rights to publisher the game, with Codemasters developing the game. Then finally, in December 2007 Codemasters announced that they would be publishing the game, while Supersonic Software would develop the game. So, now Emergency Mayhem is finally here, in budget form in Australia, so is the game worth the wait?

Emergency Mayhem is best described as Crazy Taxi with ambulances, fire trucks and police cars; or at least that's what we think the original plan for the game was. The game is set in Crisis City and players take control of either an ambulance, fire truck or police car and drive to destinations, completing mini games and helping out the citizens of Crisis City. Whether the player chooses an ambulance, fire truck or police car is irrelevant, the objective is the same; get to the destination and complete a mini game."

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