Battlefield 4 Final Stand Teaser Trailer Breakdown – Full Trailer Today!

In this trailer breakdown, Th3ChineseGuy will be taking a look at Battlefield 4: Final Stand’s teaser trailer. The full trailer will be out later today!

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pinkyxyz1500d ago

i bought all the dlc back in february. waste of money in my opinion

ChronoJoe1500d ago

What makes you say that out of curiosity? I don't have the DLC, but considered it at one point.

pinkyxyz1500d ago

The game was almost always unplayable online, and the new maps were underpopulated because of this. It would take 10 to 15 minutes just to get into a new map on average. It just wasnt a very good experience for me. It didnt help that the maps were generic by design as well.Most dlc maps were a snipers haven.

ardivt1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

pinkyxyz try playing it again. I had the same experience in the beginning and the game was a total flop. now after so many patches it's a very good game and even the dlc has quite a few players now

famoussasjohn1500d ago

For me personally, I wouldn't say it was a waste. It's been a lot of fun for me, minus some of the issues I've run into that are with all of the map packs. There's still lingering bugs in the game, but it's gotten a lot better in the recent months. There is a patch coming soon for consoles to bring even more fixes and updates to the game that make it even better. To say it's unplayable is not accurate for everyone and may just be an issue you're having and would recommend talking with EA Support to troubleshoot if needed because I haven't run into an issue where the game was unplayable on Xbox One.

yazter1500d ago

Battlefield 4 is an overripe cantaloupe tumbling toward irrelevance.

Pandamobile1500d ago

Yet it's still one of the most popular online FPS games right now.

angelsx1500d ago

I wish that was ww2 dlc.I'm playing the game coz is no sky fi game and what they did? Sky fi dlc.Jeez