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If Halo Wars is successful, it won't only be viewed as a great Halo game," Ensemble Studios executive producer Harter Ryan explains. "We're looking for a bigger success -- to establish the strategy genre on the Xbox 360. We want to make a beacon for other developers."

Developers could use the help. Real-time strategy (RTS) games have suffered a dismal track record on home consoles over the years, scoring vanishingly few successes amidst countless failures. The problem is elementary. The very elements that make PC games such as Starcraft so addictive -- micromanaging resources, juggling multiple battles at once -- bog down the console experience to a near standstill.

But that isn't stopping Ensemble Studios, the masterminds behind the trend-setting PC strategy series Age of Empires. With Halo Wars, Ensemble is aiming to pull off the impossible: craft a simple, intuitive, highly playable strategy game based around the strengths and limitations of the Xbox 360 controller. And you know what? These console first-timers just might pull it off.

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NO_PUDding3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Meant for the Gamerzone.

NO_PUDding3773d ago

I think the main problem is, that people with consoles don't have the same kind of taste. In the same way, you'd find people who own PC's like point and click adventures (in addition to the average FPS).

Ofcourse, no worries here, the name will sell it.

But I doubt they can apply any intuition to the controller. They just aren't really made for it period. Even sixaxis would be rubbish.

Superfragilistic3773d ago

You miss the point of Halo Wars, EndWar and Civ Revolution. They are designed from the ground up to use the strengths of the console as opposed to PC ports which merely expose the formats weaknesses (No K&B and micromanagement).

The aformentioned titles are really a new form of RTS/TBS that have little in common with their PC cousins. They are an evolution of the genre and I hope the beginning of a new sub-genre. They are perhaps better labeled as action-RTS, RTT (real-time tactics) or CBS (console-based strategy).

Rogert3773d ago

hey, i didnt read the full article, but does it say if the Covenant are playable?

consoles for me are the only way i can play an RTS now. With graphics card requirements for RTS games now going higher and higher, and my declining interest in PC gaming, i dont see the point to upgrading my PC. So, games like Red Alert 3, Supreme Commander, Halo Wars, Command and Conquer 3, and so on are the only way i can play a RTS game. I dont have any issues with the controls since i dont micro manage, so basically the more the merrier!

NO_PUDding3773d ago

Good point. I also have given up on PC's. As logn as this rig can play Morrowind and DArk Messiah, I am happy.

IaMs123773d ago

im a fan of RTS, i love them and i do to see it pretty hard to make one for a console, yet i never played one for a console yet but i hope they pull this one off. I was not too interested in it un til i saw screenies now im having some hope... also to me i think it will make its way to the PC, its Microsoft and would be a more of a hit on the PC if it fails on the 360...

Adriokor3773d ago

The game is only for xbox.

This is the only xbox game I would like to see on other platforms :(

ice_prophecy3773d ago

I assume a lot of halo players aren't interested in RTS?

Superfragilistic3773d ago

You forget a lot of Halo players are very interested in Halo. Whether that is an FPS, RTS, RPG or Action/Adventure I don't think it really matters to many.

Add the fact that the leading RTS developers in my opinion are responsible and they have full access to Bungie assets and I'd suggest this has hit written all over it. :)

ice_prophecy3773d ago

I see. Yea I honestly dont have that understanding since I only liked halo for Its multilayer aspects, but never really got into the single player.

Superfragilistic3773d ago

Yeah I agree.

Only the original had a campaign I felt was worth writing home about. The multiplayer and user generated content is still way ahead of its time, and is what keeps bringing me back. Forge literally stands alone in the console world. :)

But a lot of Halo players love the whole Lore of Halo, the Spartans, the Arbiters, the Flood and the Convenant. Check out the Halopedia and you'll see that such obsession is rarely matched by other titles. Some fans are as devoted to Halo as any to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

Having said that I don't expect Halo Wars to outsell Halo 3 at all, as the FPS genre is much larger as you noted, but it's sure to pull PC gamers in (it's exclusive to the 360) and get a lot of crossover appeal form the Halo FPS fans if the game stays true to the lore and adds to the lore (it's a prequel), whilst offering a fast action packed experience.

If it does 2m it'll be a massive success for a new IP, anything beyond that would perhaps further illustrate the widespread love for the franchise among 360 gamers and set new commercial benchmarks for RTS's on consoles.

green3773d ago

I don't play RTS games but this is one of my most anticipated 360 title.

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