Destiny Guide: All You Need To Know About Bungie's Epic Console MMO

Destiny is a game that wants to be in control of its own.

Activision have pumped $500 million into it, and developers Bungie have talked of a 10 year plan to sustain and grow the series beyond this initial release. The game's destiny seems assured, it will be one of gaming's biggest series for years to come.

That is the hope, and it may yet be proven otherwise – it is of course the players who ultimately decide these things – but all the signs point toward enormous success for Bungie's follow-up to the Halo series.

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TimeSkipLuffy1502d ago

I played the beta but still haven't got into the final version. Is it really a MMO? It didn't felt like that in the beta. The players that I could see on one map have been very limited and the beta was played by lot of gamers. Far away to call it massive.

Nitrowolf21502d ago

No, it was never said that it was one either, even Bungie has come out and said multiple times that it's not a MMO. It has MMO element, but not really a MMO