Bungie explains why Destiny didn't get Day One reviews

MWEB GameZone writes: "Reviews on release day have become common in the industry, so when they don't happen it's usually a bad sign. Typically what it means is the publisher knows that review scores are going to be low, which will tank the game at retail, so they're actively preventing that from happening. Bungie's Destiny may well be the exception to that rule, though."

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plut0nash1503d ago

Wise choice imo. I'm all for delays.

XBLSkull1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Could be honest and say the game does not live up to the hype that you created with Halo: Combat Evolved lol. You are far from a poor studio Bungie but you'll never top Halo, guaranteed. You should just own that, Halo 1-3 are about to be re-released and those are your most incredible titles, mention it - you guys created a monster so go ahead and take credit for it. Just because you have now made your Sharknado doesn't mean your other stuff doesn't deserve credit. Bar none you created THE most important console FPS of all time. In 2 months it'll be the first time that game came to online console multiplayer. Doesn't matter if Destiny is 1/10 or 10/10 - your best game is back again. LAN parties, not required. EVERYONE gets to experience the true birth of the console based FPS. Own it, unless -$ony has some deal to drag your genius down due to advertising rights.

Sure 343i has updated graphics. In all reality they needed to since gameplay has been #1 for you guys for years. Graphics, while not bad, have needed work, and now here it comes. It's a testament to your amazing games that they choose to alter no gameplay and keep it AS-IS.

It is a new story now since you are independent, but for a decade, only Call of Duty has competed with you in the console FPS market. You'll always have the best with H:CE, but if we are sticking to "right here, right now," I think 343i took all of Bungies power players... why did you get rid of M. O'Donell? That was a mistake...

Barricade1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

The most important fps was COD 4, like it or not.

"Own it, unless -$ony has some deal to drag your genius down due to advertising rights."

And this sentence makes me think you made up your mind about Destiny the moment"$ony" made that advertising deal for one of the biggest new IPs, oh wait, THE biggest new IP ever.

pedrof931503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


I'm sure you consider Halo 4 superior to every other Halo right ? Weird due the fact that Halo 4 servers got empty faster than any other Halo.

HanzoHattori1503d ago

Butthurt and weak sauce is a dangerous combination.

jetlian1503d ago

sounds like BS send six copies to every site and let them play with co workers! A raid is only 6 people.

Funantic11503d ago

I accidently hit disagree. Sorry. I agree with you 100% tho.

FarEastOrient1503d ago

The reason why I didn't agree is that limited servers and low player counts doesn't represent release day. Examples are Sim City and Battlefield 4

jetlian1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

the max players is 12 in the whole game! you dont need 1 million people to play just to get a feel for it!!

So I guess every cod,BF, etc cant have reviews till millions get online. theres a lot of sites out there and if they gave 6 or more to each with time limits the servers would be full

edit: by time limits say noon to seven forcing all reviewers on at the same time frame

edit2: im getting the game and liked the beta. Now im not getting it day one though. I also thought it was 22 planets not 5.

Also what story people been taking about? i saw an opening cutscenes and 1 when you get a ship. If the story is told when you load the level and hear a voice its as bad as titanfall

MASTER_RAIDEN1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Though I feel a bit cheated that im not seeing any day 1 review scores, i dont blame bungie.
the game costed mountains upon mountains of dollars to make- considerably more dollar-mountains than any other game in the history of gaming as a matter of fact. while im sure bungie believes in their product, allowing reviews that could make or break game sales isnt necessarily a risk they should take from a financial perspective.

As a gamer I'm almost always discouraged by review embargos. but I have to say that it feels like more of a precaution than anything when a company puts out a half-billion dollar game.

TheFutureIsBlue1503d ago

"Though I feel a bit cheated that im not seeing any day 1 review scores do you let reviews"

I don't get that. Why do you feel cheated? Quit letting reviews make decisions for you. If you think you might like a game, buy it. If you end up hating it sell it on ebay and lose just a few dollars from the buying price.


I'm not letting reviews "make decisions for me" by any means, nor had my comment expressed that in any way.

Like many gamers on here i look to reviews as something of a word of caution or praise before I blow $65 on a game id otherwise know nothing about.Reviews arent the deciding factor, but that doesnt mean Im going to completely ignore a glaring flaw about a game that multiple cirtics might point out. anyone who doesnt pay attention to reviews in some capacity before they buy something is an idiot.

Good luck with ebay bro.

TheFutureIsBlue1502d ago

You have previews and trailers to see what people think before the game comes out. Their reviews are just opinions. You might miss out on a lot of games like that. I'm not saying I don't read reviews, but usually when I preorder a game my mind is made up already. People who cancel their preorders just because they see a few bad things on the internet does not justify out on missing out what could be an amazing experience to them.

TheBoy1503d ago

Because the game is extremely overhyped and it's mediocre at best.

Baliw1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Well, in Spain, the game is being giving away for free if you buy the console bundle the first week of release so €399 means white PS4 + Destiny.

If the game is shit I will sell it for €49 and buy another one instead. win win all day.

kiz26941503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I feel slightly betrayed about Destiny, when i saw the first reveal I really exected this game to be much more and huge open world with a deep story, but now it just feels like a really slim down mmo style competetive FPS. Not what i wanted. I cant see how this can be enjoyable plaing solo, i wanted the game to be open and acceable for solo RPG players. Also it doesnt feel very Next Gen, which is its biggest down fall.

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