Wiseman Suits up for 'Gears of War'

Len Wiseman is suiting up to direct New Line's "Gears of War," based on Microsoft and Epic Games' hit vidgame.

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Silogon3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Michale Pare' would've been a perfect Marcus Fenix in the day. Ol'buddy is still buffed up for his age, I just think the timing was wrong. Sad faces.

Anyways, this movie is going to be an epic failure probably just because the game is so cheesy as it is. You get Hollywood in the mix with their cheese puff A-listers.

It is set for disaster and the clock is now running.

I picture this to have a typical cast in it. Will "no talent" Smith will rear his Ugly head in it. Jake Gay-lenhall will no doubt be in it and probably Jammie "douche dipper" Foxx too. Even though they only had like 1 black guy in the game they'll go ahead and toss in another one.

Sort of like how clint Eastwood is battling Bug eye Spike Lee over why he didn't have an African American soldier hoisting up the American Flag in ujima. Let's rewrite history more than we already have to make everyone happy. Forget the facts, we wanna be happy!

End of rant/

running rampid3872d ago

lol instant box office failure. but i'll probably end up watching it anyways can't wait for the game itself.