NBA LIVE 15 First Gameplay

EA Sports are excited to share some early gameplay for NBA LIVE 15 and give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing when the game launches this October.

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JMaine5183373d ago

looks like nba live 2005...

DanielGearSolid3373d ago

They keep saying they committed to the Live franchise but the animations, etc look exactly the same as last year

Ea has to stop being cheap and actually build a new engine for Live. If they even care that much

badboyz093372d ago

EA please keep this as an EA Access Exclusive.

We don't want this on our PS4!

mikeslemonade3372d ago

2k still worst than Madden though.


This game looks surprisingly good, especially compared to last year.

jjonez183372d ago

Unfortunately that's not saying much :(
The road back for Live will be a long one.

BX813372d ago

Im in. I always favored nba live over 2k. Except last years.

Blaze9293372d ago

"EA Sports are excited to share"

*watches video*

take it back.

JeromeNtheHouse3372d ago

Shit STILL look weak as fuck. Granted it IS a step up from last year, I'll give em that much. However, that movement is still hideous and robotic as shit. The players still look really stiff. I dunno what it is with EA and their mocap engine etc, but all their sports games have a really stiff look and feel to em.

DanielGearSolid3372d ago


Especially in madden. They run like robocop

iceman063371d ago

I think that they rely too heavily on their mo-cap stuff. They don't think about the minor transitions that create an appearance of smoothing out the animation set. 2K has included transition animations on top of the mo-cap stuff which creates a smoother feel to the overall movements.
EA has come a long way. BUT, there's still a TON of work and a TON we need to see to judge it properly. Maybe in another two years they might get close enough to give 2K a run for their money.

JeromeNtheHouse3369d ago

Yea, I think u're right iceman06. It's the little things that stand out in 2K's animations that give it that smooth, realistic look and feel to it. Very good point made.

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oKidUKo3100d ago

I agree totally regarding the EA games on sale, just grab EA Access. Great value.

roguedragon13100d ago

Sale So disappointing again thought they would step up leading to E3. hopefully better deals on playstation.

neil3633100d ago

Saving it all for next week perhaps?

RiPPn3099d ago

Since the Xbox One launch Microsoft sales have been garbage.. I have $30 expiring in 2 weeks that I'm probably going to have to spend on full price content because of how lame these sales are. Hoping for an Ori sale next week during E3.

Dirtnapstor3099d ago

Your $$$ do not expire regardless of your Live status. Just pay by the month, first month is a free trial before payments begin. Usually available through your PC, not the dashboard.