New Wii update kills Twilight Princess hack, homebrew

Word to the wise: It looks like if you update your Wii, the Twilight Princess save data will be deleted if it corrupted by the well-known exploit. A new update to the Wii system will "check for and automatically remove such save files" that are unauthorized save files. So, it looks like those who wish to update their Wii system will no longer be able to take advantage of the notorious Twilight Princess hack in the future.

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dragunrising3869d ago

It was a matter of time before Nintendo cut the cord on homebrew. I can't say I'm extremely saddened by this, but I know other people are or will be:-( The Wii, just like any other console is a closed system so I guess we come to expect things like this. I was going to say something anti-Nintendo but M-soft and Sony would have done the same thing...but sooner. I'm sure someone will find another way.

sumfood4u3869d ago

Y not do something to save our saves!

M_Prime3869d ago

yeah i saw this coming. i hope this is a step towards the storage solution. cause i don't wanna have to be stuck with 512MB because of people hacking WIIWARE games when i wanna buy them.