The Most Pre-Ordered New Video Game IP in History Has Launched

MWEB GameZone writes: "Millions of Guardians from around the world are waiting their turn to enter the gates of Destiny - eager to become legend, to create their own adventure and leave their mark on the digital playground. Destiny, one of the most anticipated video games of 2014, already took one record, that of the most pre-ordered new IP in the history of video games. The future of Destiny now rests in the hands of its Guardians."

Bungie also released new concept art, and details on Destiny's Expansion Pass

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GabeSA1500d ago

Is this going to be contender for GOTY?

Magicite1500d ago

You mean nominee? Yes, definitely.
Is it gonna win? Probably not, there are better games this year, although it might win as best FPS/MMO.

Palitera1500d ago

It would take more than this repetitive sameness to beat Wolfenstein, not to mention Far Cry 4 and, yes, its contender CoD.

Funny that the two record breakers of the year were nothing more than blatant lies.

But the fault is on the players. If you wrote a month ago (as some of us did) that Destiny was going to relatively flop quality-wise, you'd better kiss bye bye to your bubbles.

The world, mostly, is fair. THIS is what gamers deserve. An ultra over hyped DLC breeder, another cross gen, a Borderlands sad wannabe.

All that is in comparison to great games.

On the league of decent-good games, it's a good catch, specially since there is not much other AAA games recently...

ScorpiusX1500d ago

Whatever where are the reviews before I decide to throw away my money. Need reviews

HanCilliers1500d ago

Bungie explained why no reviews before launch. They'll start coming in now

ScorpiusX1500d ago

They need to hurry , not a person of patience and hate to waste money to then be disappointed.

venom061500d ago

there's NO reason or explanation for this, PERIOD... if EA pulled this stunt with one of their FPS, nerd butthurt gamers EVERYWHERE would be raging beyond words.. so sad these review sites dont hold their feet to the fire for this crap.. Guess that Activision purchase of the IGN Pro League is paying off with all that biased exposure.

Palitera1500d ago

Venom: bigotry, zealots, fanboys, denial. You know how it happens.

OpieWinston1500d ago

I just picked the game up. Chances are the game will be solid.

Look at it like CoD.

The games good now, but we know Activision will milk it dry when the 4th or 5th Destiny comes out(10 year contract involving multiple games)

slappy5081500d ago

Going to be a long day at work. Hope Psn is running once I'm finally ready to play

Norad61500d ago

Most traded in game in history by the end of next week is what I'm expecting the next headline to be. It's Titanfall all over again.

NotAfanBoyy1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


to be precise ;)

HeWhoWalks1500d ago

It really isn't, because there is more content to satisfy the user and Destiny has a single-player.

crusf1500d ago

Einhert comment any sec now :P

Einhert1500d ago

I seen this and I thought I would not disappoint, don't be upset sweetums ;)

If their game succeeds power to them but I won't lie, I think its unimaginative and lacks any sort of good aspect when the main meal of content is being cleared on release night by people playing it.

Destiny to me is a meld of last gen gameplay packaged and advertised as next gen with next gen bling.

It does not have enough content and it does nothing new or exciting, average at best.

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The story is too old to be commented.