Miyamoto - the gaming industry “has a long way to go”, wants Nintendo to always pursue new things

During Nintendo’s most recent shareholders meeting in July, Shigeru Miyamoto made a few comments about the games on display at E3.

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BullyMangler1504d ago

The father of gaming speaks. So listen close, Sony and Microsoft.

Anyway, its true, the gaming industry sure does have a long way to go.

Like, is there even a PS1, XBOX, PS2, 360, PS3, PS4, XB1 exclusive, more (creatively) challenging, than even Mike Tyson's Punchout, on the NES ??

What will i do with all the PS4 sales ? khh

solidsheep1504d ago

When someone is speaking you shouldn't be talking.

BLuTheSecond1504d ago

"the gaming industry 'has a long way to go'"

I think Nintendo should first catch up to the rest of the players in the industry before it tries to comment on the state of the industry.

weekev151504d ago

Maybe read the article before commenting. He isnt talking about hardware, hes talking about the fact there is limited creativity amongst game developers because the majority make games based on market trends rather than on something that sounds like a fun and interesting idea.

Personally this is pretty much the reason i love Nintendo, you can say what you want about them rehashing the same old franchises but there is more creativity and originality in a new Mario game than there is in an entire gen of first person shooters.

It is also the reason they are struggling saleswise because as a business if you dont cater to your core market you are going to struggle unless you bring in new gamers. I really hope they keep doing their own thing as the games i want to play are on Nintendo platforms.

kratoz12091504d ago

New things?
Haven't they been recycling the same franchise for over 20 years??

blackstrr4111504d ago

Ninty has more exclusives than both Sony and Microsoft combined. Troll harder

TongkatAli1504d ago

You know what games are multiplatform ?

Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc, etc. For real, you can keep your exclusives.

Nintendo has to make exclusives because third party doesn't wanna touch it with a stick, they have to fill the void.

1504d ago
badz1491504d ago

"new" things LOL! why don't you start doing it yourself first?

deafdani1503d ago

I guess you mean this current generation, right?

Because Sony had just as many exclusives on the last generation as Nintendo, probably even more. (Not necessarily better, though; I guess we're talking strictly about quantity here, not quality).

I don't know whether to agree with you or not, lol. Care to elaborate?

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TongkatAli1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

That Wii music was sure creative and shitty to play. Come on, not even the most hardcore Ninty fan can defend that 1 out of 10 game, lol.

Really, that game was a fing 1, he made that. Always trying to bait those casuals.

weekev151504d ago

I dont think he was trying to bait the casuals. He had an idea, it sounded fun, it wasnt, everyone moved on.

Nevers0ft1503d ago

Yep. The only pleasure anybody got out of that game(?) was watching the terrible, yet meme-tacular, E3 presentation for Wii Music with "Ravi Drums"

Nobody drums imaginary drums like Ravi Drums drums imaginary drums.

Blank1504d ago

I love you nintendo and all but I must say respectfully get with the times, stop the region locks, and to cut this short damn you for that 3DS LL and not making a true next gen handheld jump and incorporatig a true second damn analog stick for it.

higgins781504d ago

"true next gen"...I laughed so hard! You call what Sony and Microsoft have done with their latest consoles a 'true' leap into next gen, what, double the specs yet forget to create any games which you couldn't just as happily be playing on last gen consoles. You and me it appears have a very, very different understanding on what 'next gen' should refer...

I think by your logic a P.C must be 15th gen (roughly).

Blank1503d ago

Well to me a true next gen is when its the next generation of a device as in a totally new device with seperate naming, new tech, and built from the ground up, I dont know what the lack of games has to do with the definition of next gen when im speaking solely about devices. As for your comment on the PC gen I wouldnt doubt its that far. Lastly in my comment I never once mentioned sony or ms.

KaladinStormblessed1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

So many Nintendo haters on this site. Makes me shake my head. Yes they've made a lot of mistakes but that doesn't stop them from making amazing games for WiiU. And what do these fanboy arguments have to do with the article anyway? Go get a room if you're going to make some stupid comment about nintendo sucking or even making crap up about Sony and Microsoft.

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