Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review - VR World

VR World's Gaming Editor Derek Strickland writes:

"Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition is one of the best games available on the PlayStation 4. It’s jam-packed with some of the most exceptional console-based dungeon crawling you can find, and is bursting with infinitely replayable monster-slaying action. It pulls players into a world of never-ending ARPG chaos, and is a shining example that Blizzard are the masters of their craft.

"Blizzard has created a game where there’s always something to do, always something to slay or make or find–they’ve built a never-ending adventure that only gets better with time and never gets stale."

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MNGamer-N1553d ago

Never played this before, picked it up for the PS4. I'm liking it alot so far. Better late to the show than never I guess. PS4 handles the on screen action very well smooth as butter, daily killing