PS Vita is Alive and Kicking

8BitChimp says, "For the longest time, I did not want a PS Vita. When it was first announced back in 2011, I was skeptical. There were things about it that seemed interesting, but I did not think I was ready for that change (“No UMD’s?! Where the hell do my games go?”). Having owned almost every model of the PSP, I felt that the PSP was a great handheld. It was powerful, small (depending on the model), convenient and had amazing games (in my opinion). I did not see a reason for there to be such a drastic change, so I wrote the PS Vita off for a while."

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miyamoto3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Oh Yeah!
Just downloaded Velocity and the awesome Joe Danger for free.
Can't wait for Gravity Rush's sequel.

Sony needs to fix the PS Vita drought here in Canada though.

Neonridr3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

notice how the games you are talking about are free games?

That's my main issue with my Vita.

right now it's a glorified PS4 controller for my bedroom and it's a bunch of PS+ free games..

While it's great I am getting free games, it's only because I have a PS4 with PS+ that I am even expanding my library for the Vita.. and while it's great they are free, most of the games I am getting I wouldn't actually pay for.

Loktai3062d ago

Alot of free games isnt bad. If you're into RPGS the Vita delivers bigtime! Its easy to overlook but it has alot of great games... are you mad about remote play?

I would say between games like persona 4 golden, memories of celceta, freedom wars , conception 2, some of the newer games and though they're free its not like they're worthless not to mention the extra features and playing digital PSP games... plus look at stuf like the god of war collection. I Mean its not like theres nothing to do.

SleepingHero3062d ago

I'm sorry but I can't agree at all, I just played dangan ronpa 1 and 2 and now have don't starve giant edition(yes it's on ps4 as well) and now I'll seen be picking up SAO:hollow fragment soooooo ima be busy as hell with my vita. You either don't enjoy the games it has or u do. I pick DO :)

Protagonist3062d ago


Stop posting on the Vita section man... it is always some BS from you concerning the Vita.

Who cares what you wont buy!

nodim3062d ago

Erm, almost everyone with a decent taste has bought danganronpa 2 and is enjoying it right now. Don't really get your point.

Neonridr3062d ago

@Protagonist - I own a Vita, why can't I post on here about it? I'm not allowed to have an opinion suddenly? Go back to your 1984 dystopian society buddy.

Neonridr3062d ago

@Loktai - RPGs aren't necessarily my thing. None of those games you listed interest me. So obviously the ones that aren't free I'm not going to pay for.

I love the Remote Play feature, it's why I got the Vita in the first place. My Wii U spoiled me with that sort of feature so I knew I needed it for my PS4 as well. But when I am playing my Vita primarily, it is so I can continue playing TLOU while I am in bed..

I have played quite a few games on the Vita that I have enjoyed, but again, all were because of the PS+ IGC. I guess you could say that when I am not playing my PS4 on my Vita I have more than enough free games to tide me over, but the majority of them I download but never play.

Except for Hotline Miami, that game plays great on the Vita, much better than on my PS4.

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Vegamyster3062d ago

"Sony needs to fix the PS Vita drought here in Canada though."


I got sick of waiting for them to restock and bought a Vita off Ebay last week and just got it today (loving it so far) but that's money Sony could have had, can't wait to dig into the back log.

vergilxx33062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I bet gravity rush will not see a sequel..
Not on vita at least probably it will come out as ps4 exclusive ,we can't tell anything form that trailer they released few months ago

nodim3062d ago

If the tendency of their conference is of any note then it will most likely be a multiplatform between vita and ps4.

inf3cted13062d ago

Its only alive right now for me because of Velocity 2x. After that it will catch dust again.

1nsomniac3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I really dont understand this love for Velocity 2x I've tried it both now on Vita & PS4 & I just don't get it. It's a horrible, horrible, cheap & nasty experience of a game.

If I had paid for it I would of been physically angry. Maybe it's just me growing up in a time where games like that were free & only played to pass time in your lunch hour but I really dislike that it's classed as a professionally made game.

@loktai - It's pretty deep??? Really, are you being serious???

Loktai3062d ago

Its pretty deep, the graphics are simple but I Dont think its cheap OR nasty. It controls very nicely and I think some of the mechanics are a little overcomplicated but once you master them you feel like a boss.

Exari3062d ago

did you get to the part where the game becomes a 2d metroid like?

Gravity_DoGG3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

@1nsomniad you must be too young to love this type of games. its just as good as an old school/classic game should be. It's much better than the first imo, and they made it side scrolling also wich Is awesome.

If you had paid for it you would still have a game that is well worth the money. If I didn't had got it from ps plus I would have gladly paid.

maybe its just You being spoiled, growing up on a time and day where some games are "Free" you are the horrible, cheap and nasty experience.

HentaiMasterRace3062d ago

It always was, new games are on the horizon, and plentiful more to be announced at TGS.

1nsomniac3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Is it just me or is 'Don't Starve: Reign of Giants Edition' free as well?

Just downloaded it for free & its an awesome port. I honestly thought it would be horrible navigating on the little screen but the game really is a perfect port that works great. Only single issue is slightly long loading times. Apart from that its brought new life into my Vita. I've just spent the last 3 hours playing it.

It's made me second guess my opinion on Minecrafts playability on the vita as well.

r213062d ago

Its probably because you bought DS when it was free on PS+.

slivery3062d ago

It is because you either bought it on PS4 or got it when it was free for PS4, it is cross buy. So you get the Vita version also when you download the PS4 version.

shaw983062d ago

What ever people say to make them selves feel better. Lets get real here, is Sony even supporting it? The only people who are supporting it are Japanese 3rd party and Indies. I expected more. Disagree as you will, call me a fanboy, I don't care. The only reason I can see someone support the vita is if the person is a hardcore Sony fanboy which is sadly most online this "news" site.

TongkatAli3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I agree, you must be a hardcore Sony fanboy to find any type of entertainment on this device, just like the Wii U, 90% of third party has left it, you have to be a hardcore Nintendo fanboy to like that thing or a ten year old.

Kids love Nintendo games, those games are made specifically for them. The Vita doesn't have the Chucky Cheese fanbase.

shaw983062d ago

It is sad that some fanboys cant find a defense for there system so they blast another. If you have a counter argument say it, I would be happy to hear it. But it is quite childish that you have to try to blast another system just to try to justify your purchase. It is like a little kid doing something wrong and then the child says, "WHAT ABOUT HIM!?!"

SleepingHero3062d ago

Your talking to a "every system fan boy" (except wii) and I love my vita, I agree it is a indie powerhouse at the moment and the games I have enjoyed were the dangan series but to say that people only own one because there a "sony fanboy" is dumb. It would be more accurate to say that niche and indie fanboys are on the vita.

shaw983062d ago

Perhaps you are right. It is never right to label a group as such as not everyone in the group is of the same thought.

vanity293062d ago

Freedom wars and Oreshika look like Sony support to me... I guess 2 isn't enough though huh? lmao jk

Protagonist3062d ago

A common for "gamers" that dont actually own a PS Vita...Ignore, Ignore, Ignore.

slivery3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Everything is personal taste. I personally have no idea how anyone could not enjoy the Vita, I play it everyday since launch and I still haven't finished so many games in my backlog, a wide variety at that.

As far as PS+ goes, its been the best on the Vita side. So that is even more games I never planned on buying, that now I am actually enjoying and need to finish.

I'm a fan of every system respectively, I might have issues on the business side but as far as the systems go, I have nothing against them. So it isn't me just being a die hard fan of anything. I just enjoy good games and there are plenty on the Vita that aren't just indie games.

I don't need to lie to myself either, I simply enjoy my PS Vita and the games it has.

Sure support may have slowed down but it won't stop completely. I don't really want to go on the whole speech about how Sony did try and why they have just kinda given up but they did try by giving people a lot of good games while taking risks with third parties only to be shafted with crappy ports or passing it to developers who did the series no justice. Yea they could have advertised it better also but realistically the PS Vita has some of the most amazing handheld games you'll ever play but people still want no part of it.

What I find stupid is so many PS4 fans literally shit all over the Vita but then they beg for PS Vita games to come to PS4 instead or like when games like Tearaway show up on PS4, now all the sudden everyone is interested in it... When barely anyone bought it before or cared that much about it then, even when it got nothing but stellar reviews and plenty of advertisements from other parties. No one cared but oh lets put it on PS4 and see how quickly people change their tune.

I don't understand a lot of the gaming community let alone the industry these days.. How can you hate a system, say it has no games but then you just want those games on the system you prefer more? It makes no sense and this shows for every system not just the Vita.

I mean what you and TongkatAli are saying is purely based on your own opinion, they aren't facts and this is my opinion as well which isn't a fact either. There are plenty of people who think differently than you that can find plenty of entertainment out of the device though, that is easy enough to understand right? They don't have to be die hard fans either.

Another way I look at it is every major gaming manufacturer suffers from at least one product that just didn't meat their expectations which they aren't supporting like they had planned anymore.

Nintendo with the Wii U, Microsoft with Kinect, Nvidia with the Shield and Sony with the Vita. It isn't like they did not try, people just didn't want it. So why should they continue to support something heavily that they just cannot sell enough of no matter what they bring to the table? Especially when these companies are losing enough money as it is, it just doesn't make sense financially to keep gambling.

HentaiMasterRace3062d ago

Not true at all, the best games on Vita are third party. Most people who buy it are hardcore gamers.

InTheLab3062d ago

You're absolutely correct. Only diehards are happy with Sony coming out and saying it's up to 3rd party and indies.

Protagonist3062d ago


Aww yet another "PS Vita know it all".

Funny you should write "It is sad that some fanboys cant find a defense for there system so they blast another...But it is quite childish that you have to try to blast another system just to try to justify your purchase"

Live by your words dude!!

Inception3062d ago

"Lets get real here, is Sony even supporting it?"

This year from sony 1st party

- Soul Sacrifice Delta
- Freedom Wars
- Oreshika
- Helldivers
- Hohokum
- Dead Nation
- Destiny of Spirits
- GoW collection
- MLB 14

Yeah, let's get real and say sony not support vita /S

"The only people who are supporting it are Japanese 3rd party and Indies"

So you only count games from western studios because games from japanese and indies are not REAL games? sigh.

Here some list from western 3rd party studios for vita on this year alone.

- The Walking Dead 2nd season
- The Wolf Among Us
- Borderland 2
- Oddworld: New & Tasty
- Child of Light
- all those Lego games
- MotoGP 14
- Fifa 15

"The only reason I can see someone support the vita is if the person is a hardcore Sony fanboy which is sadly most online this "news" site"

This is very ignorant & insulting. You seriously need to learn some manners dude. How about people who support vita are gamer who really enjoy playing games on vita???

FYI, i OWNED both vita and 3DS and i play games on PC too even my rig isn't that good. But i never call name or insult people who can only support one gaming platform. It's their choice and i respect their decision.

TongkatAli3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

How did I justify my purchase ? Did I compliment it at all ? I'm just giving my opinion like he did. Do you guys hit your head under brick boxes in real life ?

I respect his opinion.

HentaiMasterRace3062d ago

Don't bother, he's just jealous that he can't play Danganronpa.

miyamoto3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Since the original PlayStation, Sony has always catered for the 19 and up gamers not the kiddie gamers Nintendo has always targeted.

And the PS Vita is no different. Its aimed for the hardcore hobby gamers not the kiddie casual ones.

So deal with it

This year Minecraft will be the closest thing to kiddie games PS Vita will offer.

That is what Sony wants that is what Sony will do.

tubers3061d ago

Only SCEJ at best. VITA'd be lucky if the next Gravity Rush would still be exclusive to it.

I personally wouldn't call those low budget Sony published games that look like cheap indies, "support" nor cop out answers such as "Remote Play it".

Muppets (VITA exclusive) LOL. Hardcore for sure.

Oh, don't forget.. new Xperias will now be able to Remote Play with an actual, more comfortable DS4.

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