IGN: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Wii Preview

IGN have got some great news to report, though. EA has gone back do the drawing board with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for Wii and the end result is a game of golf that feels both much more tailored to the Big N's platform and more polished than it ever has before.

You will notice this newfound presentational finesse from the moment the game boots complete with a new interface overhauled with pointer-ready menus, and even better, enhanced in-game graphics. And when you pick up the remote to drive the ball, you're going to see Tiger's swing move at a one-to-one ratio with your own -- finally.

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Monteblanco3777d ago

I hope it will look better than Tour 09, which was one the ugliest Wii games I've seen in my console.

BrotherNick3777d ago

heh, they actually got 1:1 ratio eh? I hope it's on more than one axis.