Destiny PS3 To PS4 Upgrade Won't Be Available Until Wednesday

TSA writes: "If you cunningly bought the digital PS3 edition of Destiny for a free upgrade to the PS4 version with a £5 saving, then you won’t be able to access the game on your new console until at least Wednesday."

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extermin8or1526d ago

I think what it means is that will be the latest it becomes available? I hope so anyway...

Peppy la Moca1526d ago

Assuming this is because that's when the PSN store updates in Europe? Does that mean North American players can obtain their upgrade with tomorrow's store update?

extermin8or1526d ago

no this is pnly posted to the usa blog etc, they haven't actualy said this is even for EU aswell and notice time's PDT... not GMT or BST.

Godmars2901526d ago

Did this really need to be ready the day after release?

I mean if you bought the PS3 version are you really going to go out, pick up a PS4 and do the transfer the next day?

Hope this program is around for at least three months.

Pwnag3Inc1525d ago

Pay no attention to that Weds date. I am downloading on my PS4 right now! Woot!

c4halo31525d ago

Same here. Just went to the playstation store on my phone and under my account under download list it was listed.