Top five things to do in order to optimize your Destiny experience

Game Idealist lists out the top five things you should do before playing Destiny so that your expereince will be optimized.

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KwietStorm1527d ago

That list is like telling someone to look both ways before crossing the street.

Omnisonne1527d ago

Bit of a trivial article indeed

Shadonic1527d ago

Considering recently on this site their was a huge comment section battle going on rather the game was even going to last players based off the rushed 10 hour story mode people need this to realize that its not just a linear game.

CoyoteHunter1527d ago

Wow apart from the compilation of codes at point 1 (which was very helpful), the rest of the list was rubbish. Trying to cash in on the hype much?

n4rc1527d ago

Want a tip?

Team up with anyone.. Was playing solo and thought the game was OK.. Had a random dude invite me to a fire team and we blew through a bunch of moon missions.. Now I'm really enjoying the game.. Its amazing how much of a difference it makes

ramiuk11527d ago

ps4 or xb1?
fireteams are set to private from default and people are not accepting invites .
should have LFG(looking for group) after names etc

n4rc1527d ago

Xbox1.. Bunch of guys ran up and started dancing.. Lol

Then I got a game invite... Accepted and I was put in orbit on this guys team..

ramiuk11526d ago

its seriously in need of proximity chat imo