DICE Teases Futuristic Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC, Full Reveal Tomorrow

MP1st - Developer DICE LA is teasing Battlefield 4's fifth and final expansion pack, Final Stand, revealing its official key art and dropping a few hints as to its contents.

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Mister_V1554d ago

Removed? It should be embedded right up there. You're not seeing it?

-Foxtrot1554d ago

That's a good plan, reveal it when everyone is talking about Desinty on its launch day

LackTrue4K1553d ago

I think your wrong on this. The people looking forward to this DLC already are fans of battlefield and have all ready waiting on the games add on. If it was a new game release, then that would be a diffrent story. I'm getting destiny and any DLC coming out for BF4 doesn't realy effect one or another.

Yi-Long1553d ago

TBH, I feel EA should be smart right now and release a Premium Edition of Battlefield 4 for 50-60 bucks, including all DLC, which could bring in tens of thousands of new players, who didn't pick up BF4 because of all the DLC, and who now might be looking for a shooter to play with their friends online.

ps4fanboy1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I only got the actual game a few weeks back , not been off it , before I was on kilkzone most of my time , still pop back as it offers a different play style , kind of...

I need to check the dlc for bf4 what's the best one/ones? I'll be checking this if it offers future tech scenario?

angelsx1553d ago

I wish that was WW2 dlc.I'm bored of all future scy fi games.

Plagasx1553d ago

Its funny how everyone said the same thing about ww2 shooters a few years ago...

SouthClaw1553d ago


Yeah I know. It wasn't a huge time ago when everyone was moaning about WW2. Just goes to show what over saturation of a market can do.

I really enjoyed COD WaW I think Treyarch should have stayed in WW2 and let IW do future. Of course if that happened we wouldn't have had black ops but yeah...

ardivt1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I wish bf4 would get all the bf3 maps. it's nearly the same engine and bf3 has so many brilliant maps while bf4 has imho the better gameplay.

famoussasjohn1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

One of the Devs working on the game had a poll on what maps they'd like to bring back from BF3 as a free map pack a few weeks back. It didn't guarantee that we'd get them, but may be something they are working on because they're trying to make ammends with the gamers that were upset about the game.

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