Pure Looking Better than MotorStorm 2

Gameplayer has had a behinds closed doors look at upcoming extreme sports racer ATV declaring it to be something quite special and well worth the attention of the genre's fans.

"Putting such whinging to one side for the moment though, petrol heads and dust lovers alike should keep their eyes on this potential gem; we think it is going to be a winner."

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Silogon3871d ago

This looks better than Motorstorm and that's sad. It almost looks as good as the cg trailer Sony pawned off on us for Motorstorm but could never achieve.

A shame that Motorstorm 2 looks little more than Motorstorm with a new location. Maybe the should've made Pacific Rift a downlaodable psn game and gave us Motorstorm 2 next year when they could maybe get something out of the engine.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3871d ago many Discs the xBox 360 version will be on!!! ;-D
Er MotorStorm 2 is only 40% complete tho???

syanara3870d ago

if there isnt any gameplay footage. I mean the CG trailer is all there is to motorstorm and thats not how motorstorm will look it could be better than the cg trailer or worse so who knows! THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!!

Egzekutor3871d ago

It might be better looking at the moment but Motorstorm 2 is still in the works.. and this Pure game hasnt got the climate that mototstorm2 has .. ;)

Fishy Fingers3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Exactly, 40% is hardly close to finish.

poos33871d ago

HAHAH IT FUNNY HOW PS3 THINK THAT ONLY PS3 GAMES ARE PRE ALHPHA SAME WITH RES 2 FOOTAGE THAT LOOK SEVERAL GENARATIONS BEHIND GEARS OF WAR 2 FOOTAGE BOTH STARTED DEVELOPEMNT SAME TIME AND WILL BE RELEASED ON THE SAME MONTH GEARS OF WAR IS 65% compete and yes wait till he game is polished it will look almost as good as crysis also pure is not completed also so motorstorm will never catxh up same with geara of war res 2 there is no amoutn of polish that it will et to make it looks bettee than gears of war 2 which is still 65% compete i feell sorry for ps3 fans they will cry in E3.

Dc4eVeR3871d ago

Motorstorm 2 is 40% complety ..

MikeGdaGod3871d ago

i don't even see where they mention Motorstorm 2

Mu5afir3871d ago

Keep that in mind, and you will laugh at the comparisons.

Jamie Foxx3871d ago

motorstorm 2 is pre alpha why bring up a game that has 60% left to go? bring motorstorm 1 by all means,this 'lets try bash sony' attitude is ridiclous

dhammalama3871d ago

Well maybe not complete fanboys, but you guys are being really defensive about the suggestion that something else could be better. Why not think, "I hope this IS better than motorstorm 'cause that would be REALLY #UCK'n FUN.

Motorstorm is probably my favourite racer ever, but only now because I've played it. Before it came out I was like, "This game can't be better than MY favourite game!"

And you are all saying that MS2 is only "40%" done - Did you read the article?

"Funtastic, Pure’s local distributor, dropped by the office to give us a sneak peak at some code which was about 60% towards completion… and to drink beer. Pure is an ATV offroad racer pure and simple: no bikes, no buggies, no monster trucks. The heart of the game experience lies in the Pure World Tour, a whopping 50 event (broken into Sprint, Race and Freestyle types) marathon across 10 stages, in seven real-world locations."


sonarus3871d ago

Good for pure if they really look that good. I wouldn't count evolution studios out just yet though. They managed to pull off some amazing last min improvements on motorstorm so visuals in MS2 will get better

micro_invader3871d ago

Thank you for being the voice of reason. Some people here are getting a bit defensive, so what if pure might look better than MS, hopefully this motivates the MS team to step up and make their game look better than it already is.

SlappingOysters3871d ago

yeah nicely put!

I expect MotorStorm 2 to be rad, but it is good to know that Pure is coming up trumps as well. Mx vs. ATV: Untamed was absolute rubbish. Double the fun if you ask me.

ASTAROTH3870d ago

If a game is multiplatform always looks better than the PS3 exclusive. Why? Because people like to compare and want a reason to believe the 360 games looks way better than PS3 exclusive which everybody knows its false. The last one was GRID vs GT5:Prologue!!. Keep em coming!!!

thebudgetgamer3870d ago

ilike to call it the 50 cent school of development go after an astablished franchise to get attention for youre own brand

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Kain813871d ago

Than its not the Winner^^

Kain813871d ago


Oh has Pure 4-splitscreen?.......No....
...Than you can forget it^^

dhammalama3871d ago

It had no split screen. Did it make it suck? Sure, a little. Was it still fvcking great? Oh yeah.

Kain813871d ago

i will enyoy it even more^^

dhammalama3870d ago

2 player would still be great

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