Battlefield: Bad Company Snake Eyes

Watch the team at Battlefield: Bad Company poke a little fun at MGS

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Violater3773d ago


now that was hella funny.

MikeGdaGod3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

it was funny but the game looks horrible in the demo.

played through it twice and the destructible environments were nice but the game looked like sh!t. the physics were horrible also. if they wanted it to be so realistic why can you level a fence, but when you shoot at a body thats on the ground it doesn't move at all? just my two cents.

it also seems like they realize nobody will buy their game except the 360 crowd. might as well carter to them. why else would anyone buy it?

at least Snake finally made it to the 360.

BobDog3773d ago

unless you have a shotty or a 50 cal, shooting a 80kg atleast body will not make it move much at all

White-Sharingan3773d ago

lmao not that funny but still; love it

there 360 owners; you cant have MGS4 but you can have a "sort of cameo" appearance? now cant we all be happy? ;]

Darkiewonder3773d ago

Funny comment. Bubble for it.

Hulligan853773d ago

"Why would he do that, thats almost as stupid as hiding in a cardboard box!"

ROFL, Classic.

LeSouteneur3773d ago

The graphics of Metal Gear Solid 4 make Battlefield Bad Company look like a PS2 game. That's the real funny part

xplosneer3773d ago

But they are both really fun! oh, and mostly destructible environments, not on many PS2 games. But I digress

C_SoL3773d ago

he didn't get the Hideo humor......

ya i'm talking to u LeSo-something....

this video wasn't a dis.....

they're following the same humor as Hideo uses....

check the vid below.....

anyways, MGS4 beats it anyday but i ain't going to dis it cause Battlefield is pretty bada$$ game

socomnick3773d ago

I dont know about that m8. The graphics in mgs 4 were pretty subpar they characters had great textures and models but the backgrounds looked like a ps2 game. Battlefield has huge maps and they are fairly detailed the character models in battlefield look awesome.

nycredude3773d ago


No offense but you must be delusional. If you think that Battlefield bad company graphics is badass and think that Metal Gear Solid 4 graphics are subpar!

I played the demo for many, many hours and I think the graphics are at best equal to COD4! Nothing to write home about and the single player in the demo seems rediculously shallow. I'll say that the multiplayer was fun and hell but let's be honest here the graphics in that game sucks a*s compared to MGS4!

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tethered3773d ago

That was great!

! - Wheehuu!
See! Did you see that! Wh...
Why would he do that!

Classic. Every MGS fan should love this as I did!
Really funny!

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