GameSpy: Supreme Commander Preview

GameSpy writes: "Real-time strategy titles have long been the province of PC gamers who find the very concept of an RTS on a console tantamount to heresy. Fortunately strategy game developers suffer from no such parochialism and have been working hard for years to figure out an elegant way to bring the fun of creating and killing millions of toy soldiers to console systems with all their deep strategy intact. The latest brave crew to take a swing at this monumental task are the developers over at Hellbent Games. We've been playing the heck out of their Xbox 360 translation of Chris Taylor's epic-scale RTS for a while now, and they may have come closer than any developer ever has.

Console gamers unfamiliar with Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games should know that Supreme Commander is the spiritual sequel to Total Annihilation, widely considered one of the best RTS games ever made. Supreme Commander's basic premise is that an "Infinite War" has been raging across the galaxy for the last 1,000 years. The three branches of the human race -- the United Earth Federation, the Cybran and the alien-influences Aeon -- have been pledged to their opponents' mutual destruction for so long they barely know any other way of life is possible. Now, however, a new factor has come into play and the player, depending on which side he or she chooses, will be instrumental in seeing which faction comes out on top."

-Good control system; depth of strategy
-Enormous single-player missions

-Imprecise selection
-Transport-ferrying system
-Huge numbers of functionally equivalent units

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