Was the hype justified?: Shadow of the Colossus

PSU writes: "Every console has a certain amount of games that are said to be the defining moments of that generation of gaming. Many of us have heard the tales of Space Invaders, Joust, Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy VII. While some of us have lived those days and enjoyed them thoroughly, there are still quite a few gamers left who chose to sit on the fence and perhaps miss out on an experience like no other. This is why I have started this feature for the readers of PlayStation Universe. If a game has received some notoriety in the past and has been claimed to be a PlayStation masterpiece in the field of gaming, I'll be checking it out to give you my final verdict."

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Silogon3800d ago

Shadow of the Collosus is to date the best game, yes even better than Zelda and super mario bros, that I have ever played! SOTC has something no other game has and that is deep involved emotion, wrapped in a lonley isolated world that forces you to think beyond just a game. I travel the countryside in this game and look at all the incredible structures void of life and think who built them, who was here before, what caused this place to become a waste land void of humanistic life.

SOTC is without a doubt the best game ever made. Bar none cause there isn't one. It breaks it in half.

Rikitatsu3800d ago

True SOTC is one of my best games ever, But The Guilin Part in the End of Shenmue blows SOTC away ... just that part ... the rest of the game smashes it into pieces

NO_PUDding3800d ago

No, if you think you can say anythign is better than SotC, then you ahven't understood the depth in it.

The artistic direction, including filters and bloom and particle effects and key-frame animation, all adds to it.

What this guy says abotu the camera, it was never distracting for me, apart from the fact that they were often impressive views distratcing me from playing. All I can say is that, this game didn't need defining points like his horse falling. It can rely on the horse rides alone.

Beign able to take Agro to a little watery oasis, pat him (which isn't even noted in the manual with the O button) and then climb a nearby tree to fetch some fruit or alternately beign able to ride like the wind, through the barren landscape straight to your destination. It all seems to have emotional depth when you play the game.

Pain3800d ago

real Q is... Is XBOX games hype justified?
A; No


pimpstation3800d ago

Playstation has games for the thinking man, Xbox has games for hyperactive 13 year old boys who just want to "pwn n00bs" and get bored if they don't kill something every five seconds.

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sonarus3800d ago

I don't remember the hype but Shadow of Collosus was a fantastic title. I just wish they could revisit it with superior hardware and maybe take the same concept into a deeper game maybe with varying enemy types in between. Game was simply AWESOME

The Wood3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

this title was a word of mouth title which inadvertently created hype

what a title it was though.

found the mps'3 of the soundtrack online....................sad but i dont care

NO_PUDding3800d ago

If E3 brings news from Team ICO, the reason I bought a PS3 (as if I needed one after MGS4) will have been fully justified. And by that I mean, I would be prepared to pay the £400 all over again JUST to play the next installment.

All I can say is over on the OpenZone, but I'll sum it up. For me, and should be for everyone, it must be considered the MOST memorable game of the previous generation in terms of furthering this very young media form.

Silellak3800d ago

There was no reason that post needed to be in the Open Zone. I greatly appreciate your desire to help keep the Gamer Zone clean - many, MANY other people should be half as considerate - but all you did was fanboy out about a great game. You weren't trying to fuel the fire of the console war.

You made great points. Points that deserve to be in the Gamer Zone.

Game on!

NO_PUDding3800d ago

Greatly appreciated. I just felt if I was going to debate over an opinion, it was a little unjust, but thanks.

gaffyh3800d ago

Yeah, I don't remember any hype before SoTC was released, people still don't talk about the first game Ico which was awesome as well (I think it was better than SoTC in some ways).

Either way this is a game that actually deserves the hype, because it is a really really good game.

Fototherapist3800d ago

that people are still writing about this game. I loved the game as much as anybody, but it's getting kind of old. Yes, the story is great and the graphics were pretty cool in their time. Any hype the game got was well deserved. It sold well. Why are we still talking about this game as if it's a surprise?

Lifendz3800d ago

day one when it's out. Team Ico: the average gamers favorite deveoper's favorite developer.

NO_PUDding3800d ago

Becuase it is a surprise. It's still such a departure even in this generation.

I agree Ico was better in some ways. I can't decide which relationship meant more to me, Wander and Agro or Ioo and Yorda.

Gam713800d ago

This is one of the games I really wanted to play but never got the chance.

Looks great.

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The gaming GOD3800d ago

People didn't even care about this game until it became cult. Then all of a sudden people FINALLY gave it the credit it deserved after it had been out for so long and started to become hard to find. Same thing with ICO. Same thing with Vagrant Story.

They "hype" of this game (if you can even call it that) came from fellow gamers passing on the word of the high level of quality this game has.

deeznuts3800d ago

Quite possibly he means the hype it receives now. Not quite hype IMO but that's probably what the writer means, which is why he's going back to play it.

StalkingSilence3800d ago

I'm going to go back and play Blades of Steel tonight. Should I write an article about it and give my final verdict?
I'm not mad or anything, it's just crazy this story is 800+ degrees and top of the front page.

Anyway, I hope the guy who is writing the article has fun!

Bonsai12143800d ago

yeah. ico became a cult hit, and then SotC came along, and the few who were in the know expected great things. when it hit, it was so different and so good that the hype came after it. yes, it was well deserved. definitely of the top 10 games last gen.

bigshynepo3800d ago

Last I heard, team Ico is currently working on 2 titles, one of which is related to SotC. I think this was a bogus surfer girl rumor or something, I can't remember, but if it's true, it will be a system seller for sure. This game has had incredible legs, selling a huge amount of copies. Hears hoping a next gen SotC is in the works with the same artistic approach as the last one.