The Daily Five: Reasons eSports are real Sports

"This past weekend, ESPN's President, John Skipper, was asked about what he thought of Amazon's $1 billion acquisition of Twitch. He was also asked about the recent surge in popularity when it came to eSports. Skipper, being the pioneer that he is, responded by denouncing the entire belief that eSports are sports and that they are instead just competitions." - David Wales, Stealthy Box

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philm871502d ago

Hahahahaha, really don't even know why this guy wants computer games to be recognized as real sport. If you physically exert yourself playing games like Halo then you need to get to the gym or to a doctor.

anticlimax1502d ago

Or a psychologist. I've seen people get in serious fits over Halo.

gamer78041501d ago

So what about motion games , wii boxing against an 8 yr old is exhausting lol!