GameSpy: Last Remnant Developer Interview

GameSpy writes: "Square Enix is hoping that The Last Remnant, the company's next RPG, will appeal to gamers all over the world. The company is promising a simultaneous North American and Japanese release, with a release in Europe to follow. GameSpy and other members of the press took part in a roundtable interview session with key members of The Last Remnant's development team: Nobuyuki Ueda (Producer), Yusuke Naora (Art Producer) and Hiroshi Takai (Director). Read on for the first details on the game's premise, info on the combat mechanics, and tidbits about working with Epic's Unreal Engine.

GameSpy: What was the inspiration behind creating The Last Remnant?

Square Enix: A group of our designers got together to talk about this new IP, this new game, and they came up with the idea of the Remnant, a mysterious object. That started the creation of the plot and story.

GameSpy: What separates The Last Remnant from other Japanese RPGs that we may have played in the past?

Square Enix: What most separates this game from the usual RPG is that in those games you generally give one command to one character, and one character will act. In this game, with its massive battles, you give commands to a bunch of characters, and they react differently."

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TheHater3828d ago

How can it be a worldwide launch when only the 360 gamers are getting the game months before the PS3 gamers.

Syronicus3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

It's not a world wide launch. Considering they are releasing it ont he 360 first and with the dismal sales of the 360 in Japan, the Japanese folks will have to wait until SE releases it on the PS3. I have no idea why they decided to go this route but whatever I guess. Seems like Square is trying to help MS sell consoles in Japan perhaps... Sadly to say, it won't work.

RealityCheck3827d ago

So since you're not controlling individual characters like in other RPGs, does that mean it will play like a Dynasty Warriors game? I'm not sure how well that will go with the RPG crowd. Definitely will need to try the free demo first (which will eventually come to XBox Live).

Elginer3827d ago

GameSpy: The big announcement is that The Last Remnant is coming first to Xbox 360. Is this a marketing decision, or were you having trouble working on the PS3?

Square Enix: This is mainly for development reasons. We're developing the game using the middleware Unreal Engine, and the Unreal Engine has a slower development on the PS3 side. It was only really workable after Unreal Tournament was published, so this was mainly a development decision.