Cumulative PS3 Sales Pass Cumulative Xbox 360 Sales in Europe According to VGChartz

VGChartz writes: "Despite 1/2 the time on the market, PS3 sales have caught Xbox 360 sales in Europe.

With data for the week ending June 14, 2008 now in, PS3 hardware sales have passed Xbox 360 sales in Europe . Despite launching over a year after the Xbox 360 did in Europe, PS3 sales stand at 5,450,869 while Xbox 360 sales in Europe stand at 5,415,053 units in Europe. The larger 'Others' region covers places like Australia, Africa, and mainland Asia in addition to Europe, which is why Xbox 360 is still slightly ahead of PS3 in Others. Additionally, Sony and Microsoft define 'Europe' differently in their financial reports, while in this case 'Europe' simply means the entire continent of Europe.

At 5,415,053 units in 132 weeks , Xbox 360 has sold an average of 41,023 units per week in Europe since launching in 2005. PS3 has caught the Xbox 360 in Europe by selling an average of 83,860 units over 65 weeks of sales in Europe, a pace roughly double Xbox 360 sales but still off the pace of Wii and PS2.

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BulletToothtony3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

And i'm not a hater, i've always known that the 360 has come a long way since the original xbox, both ps3 and 360 have different things to offer and that's good.

The part that makes this news good is just cause haters and fanboys who hated on the ps3 since even b4 it was launched and still going on and on about it..

Overall MS has proven to give Sony some really good competition and has made Sony put more effort in the ps3. We should be glad about competition.. better firmwares, more games and a lower price... same for MS they're focusing in the future instead of just the now..

It's just a great age to be a gamer

will113960d ago

PS3 IS AWSOME!!! i want in-game XMB now

Condoleezza Rice3960d ago

Sony have continuously improved the Playstation 3,it's no wonder they surpassed the Xbox 360 in PAL Regions back in March.

With MGS4,Resistance 2,LBP,and much more to come in 08,it truly is a great time to be a gamer.

juuken3960d ago

Just saw a commercial for the PS3. NOW we're cooking with fire.

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Telmarine3960d ago

Wow, this got 5 approvals in one minute

Also, its amazing how the PS3 surpassed 360 sales in Europe, despite a year less time.

Well, North America is Xbox, Europe is PlayStation in the end

DJtyler3960d ago

Does anybody know why 360 is selling better in North America and PS3 is selling better in Europe? I know PS3 is selling far better than last year here in the USA but still not as well as it should be.

TOSgamer3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Dec. 2nd 2k5 compared to Mar. 23rd 2k7.

DJ3960d ago

But the rest of the world hasn't adopted the console very willingly due to a bad reputation from Microsoft and the high defect rate. The 360 has a lead in one last territory (North America), but looking at 2008 sales it looks like that lead is going to disappear by next year as well.

LastDance3960d ago

DJtyler - im not going to offend ne 1...but id start with culture.

Ju3960d ago

NA lead is constant, means it results from the year head start and maybe the early PS3 high price at introduction. But since about late 2007 both sell about the same, with a slight lead of the PS3 (and bounce back from 360 sometimes - like last month).

soxfan20053960d ago

Things have always been that way in the games industry. The Sega Genesis, #1 in the US, never caught on in Japan. The PC Engine(Turbografx 16) was #1 in Japan but never caught on anywhere else. The Sega Master System was bigger in Europe than anywhere else. Sega Saturn was also more successful in Europe than the US. It's hard to figure. Some consoles just have more of the games that people in a certain country like to play.

plenty a tool3960d ago

the extra 20k that sony managed in may, is sure gonna help eat into the 6mil they are behind in NA lol. sony are gonna have another good month with mgs releasing, and mite even manage a 100k more in june.

but as i said....6mil behind isn't gonna disappear overnight! sony need to start beating microsoft with wii type figures for atleast a year solidly to catch up! lol yep, i can see why you said that!!!

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kingOVsticks3960d ago

Didn't sony report this back in march 0.o?

myothercar3960d ago

Sony's official numbers that they published previous to this article include countries not actually in Europe, like Africa. So it was unfair to say "PS3's Europe + Africa sales are better than 360's Europe sales." I'm sure Africa isn't exactly Sonyland or anything, but people want a fair fight.

PirateThom3960d ago

Sony's official numbers were Pal regions.

They said their PAL regions had surpassed the 360's LTD in PAL regions.