5 Retro Titles More Violent Than Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat X is trying to make cultural waves through violence like the original, but was the first iteration really that violent? We look back at the catalog of retro games and find out!

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Majin-vegeta2573d ago

We need a new eternal champions.

CD64052573d ago

Don't say that, I'll get my hopes up.

gamejediben2572d ago

There were tons of violent games that made Mortal Kombat look tame back in 1991. Way more than this list mentions. What set MK apart from the pack was the digitized sprites. It looked like real people were getting their spines ripped out while screaming in agony.

But nobody mentioned these other games back during the congressional hearings because they just weren't very popular. I learned back then that career politicians (Jack Thompson, Leeland Yee, Hilary Clinton, etc.) only try to use something that is popular to force their agenda. They don't care if some obscure game is 10x more nasty, they only care about what's popular.

It still holds true today. It doesn't matter how nasty some games are, if GTA is more popular, GTA will get blamed for "harming the children" by the politicians and the media. The irony is all the violent game makers want to have the game that gets the blame because no matter how good the game is, controversy = more $$$$. I suppose it's a win-win for everyone... except us gamers get all the hate directed at us.

JSteele892572d ago

Give us a new Primal Rage!