Gaming Progress and Civility

CCC Says: "It has been a wild ride these past few days. The war between gamers, gaming professionals, and #GamerGate supporters has raged on in social media. It’s a flurry of threats, philosophical arguments, and general fear that has marked a rather dark time to be a gamer. Everyone is angry at someone, and we have all lost focus of the one thing that bound us as a community: our love of games. Instead, we have become wrapped up in a battle over harassment, corruption, and what social justice really means.

So I set out, perhaps in an attempt to find my own peace of mind, perhaps in a misguided attempt to act as a savior or destroyer of the #GamerGate movement, and issued a challenge on Twitter.

“#GamerGate says it’s not about harassment. I call on #GamerGate to prove this and tweet "I do not support the harassment of Zoe Quinn."”

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