Pressurecast Forty-Two: Why is Microsoft giving away games?

Microsoft is giving away games with an Xbox One purchase! But why? Plus, Brian and Colin discuss the Tokyo Game Show, "Gamergate," and Nintendo's strange choices.

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cfc781500d ago

Thats a tough one I think i'll need time to think this through.

Septic1500d ago

Yeah same here. I dont think this question can be answered unless a board comprising some of the brightest minds is formed. Even so, by the time the question is answered, I'm afraid we will be well on our way into the 7th generation of gaming.

MRMagoo1231500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

yeh we may have to consult some experts.


Lol I was thinking maybe Misterxmedia, he seems to have all the latest gossip from his "insider"* /s

* just incase ppl didnt know his insider was actually him.

MasterCornholio1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Michael Pacther?


lelo2play1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

"Pressurecast Forty-Two: Why is Microsoft giving away games?"

Microsoft is giving away games with an X1 purchase for the same reason Sony is giving away games (Destiny) with an PS4 purchase and the same reason Nintendo is giving away games with an WiiU purchase.

Boody-Bandit1499d ago

The PS4 is $399 without Destiny and $449 w/ Destiny. It's a $10 savings off of Destiny. That's hardly giving it away.

lelo2play1499d ago

@ Boody-Bandit

In Europe the PS4 with or without Destiny is the same price, 349£/399€.

Volkama1500d ago

Is it because they're super generous, and really care about gamers? Are they promoting world peace through acts of kindness?

badz1491500d ago

is anybody complaining? I'm not a fan either way but desperate or not, it's still a free game. I'm not gonna complain.

MRMagoo1231500d ago

who said anything about complaining? they are just asking the question why.

badz1491500d ago

they ask "why?" like it's a bad thing. that's why!

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Death1500d ago

They are including a game to try and increase sales. To walk out of a store at $399 plus tax and have your game of choice is a good thing. It also looks better than a price cut which is a sign of weakness. Microsoft has always added something to increase the value instead of cutting the price when possible.

Ballsack1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


'Price cut is a sign of weakness'

They did that 6 months in by removing kinect...the product they said the xbox one was built around..therefore reducing chances of any meaningful games taking advantage of kinect, screwing early adopters in the process

How is that adding value? Think before you type

Death1500d ago

With the PS4 running away with sales, what are the chances Kinect would see any real development anyway? Of sales were equal between the PS4 and Xbox One, developers would be missing half their possible user base. With PS4 doubling Xbox sales it essentially kills Kinect third party support.

I agree, early adopters that were looking forward to Kinect got screwed.

As for my comment about adding value, you simply need to look how Microsoft priced 360 over the last 9 years. The top SKU was $399 at launch and as time went by they added a bigger HDD creating the $399 Elite console and years later added Kinect to keep their top SKU at $399. Last I checked their top SKU was $349. That's $50 off over the course of 8-9 years.

DollMytee1499d ago

The price of the Xbox One has yet to be cut. Dropping the Kinect and creating a new SKU is not a price cut no matter how much you want to say it is.

chikane1500d ago

the next thing well be .. buy a box and get a box free.. that's what the dreamcast did to try and save itself which we all know didn't work

caseh1500d ago

Naaaw, Dreamcast tried to make out you could play with 6 billion other gamers...then gave you a 28.8k modem. :D

Great console though.

diesoft1500d ago

"Why is Microsoft giving away games?"

Why not?

Point. Match. Me.

Artista 1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Why not?

It just happens to be during the Destiny launch.


I like the aggressive approach. Being an underdog isn't so bad. It brings out the best in the. . . underdog :D

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