Ken Levine re-negotiating contract with Take-Two

Variety writes: "Have you been wondering why "Bioshock" creative guru and 2K Boston chief Ken Levine has been strangely absent from the press recently? Why "Bioshock 2" is being made at a separate studio and all Take-Two has said is that he "will be involved?" Why he wasn't available to talk on the record about the "Bioshock" movie? Why nobody knows what's up with him?

As several sources have confirmed for me, the answer is simple: Levine is re-negotiating his contract. Coming off the big commercial success (2.2 million units sold) and even bigger critical success of the game, Levine has become one of the very few recognizable and respected names in the videogame development community and he's trying to use that to get the creative freedom and compensation he feels he deserves. Take-Two, meanwhile, obviously wants to keep the guy on board, but is probably wary both of not spending too much money and also not setting a precedent that it will regret having to follow with the creative director of every successful game going forward."

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Silogon3828d ago

This guy needs to swooped up into a big company like Sony or Microsoft and put on promising projects.

NO_PUDding3828d ago

The only reason I liek this guy or his game is becuase it shows games without multiplayer can still be a success. I personally don't like it, but an exmaple needs to be made of critically successful games than are born without multiplayer.

360 can keep Bioshock really, but just so long as the industry recognises not everythign needs to be mutliplayer. The short time I had my PS3 connected up to the internet saw me downloaidng demos, and that is all.

G1TR4P3D3828d ago

Personally, I don't like you.

Syronicus3828d ago

It's the industry that is saying otherwise. There are millions of folks that buy games for personal enjoyment and the one thing that I have resented lately is that it is the industry that is pushing online play for everybody. They need to recognize that games like Bioshock, Uncharted and many more are there for those of us that want a decent romp through a single player campaign and that these games are still worth their weight in gold. Kevin seems to be one of those that appreciates this and I give him props for it.

kwicksandz3828d ago

Anyone who played System shock 2 will recognize the brilliance of this man.

Id be worried ps3 owners because he is not working on the ps3 port of bioshock and quality may suffer as a result.