How Statistics Have Ruined the Battlefield Series

Gastón, from Twinfinite, states his opinion on why stats aren't helping the Battlefield experience.

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porkChop1501d ago

No. DICE have ruined the Battlefield series just fine all on their own.

Razputin1501d ago

You'd be surprised.

Corporations here use focus groups and testers to see what is "interesting" to players.

These companies see that to the majority -- strictly through sales, Call of Duty is top dog in FPS. They are trying to open up to a wider range of audience.

Its sad, it sucks, but that's how it is. I won't be buying any new Battlefield or EA title from here on out. I'll wait to catch them for like $10, which will happen within months of the release.

spartanlemur1501d ago

Surely using statistics to see what we actually want is the best way to ensure that the most people are happy though?

I mean sometimes that's going to work in your favour, and other times it's not.

The point is that the use of such a scientific approach is without a shadow of a doubt going to make the average gamer happier than they would be without it.

If there's a problem, I guarantee it's from faulty analysis (which happens more often than you'd expect); this can be solved by hiring better statisticians.

annoyedgamer1501d ago

EA owns DICE and all their other games are ruined too wana bet EA played some part in it?

Battlefieldlover1501d ago

BF4 launch has left a taste in my mouth i can't shake. $110 smh.

Still play loads but still waiting on the CTE update for consoles.

Not buying hardline.

GreenUp1501d ago

The horrendous "music" since BF3 has been awful as well. Bring back that Battlefield 2 feel in both music and gameplay. Hell, even Bad Company 1 or 2.

LoTuZ1501d ago

Really? Stats? Are you kidding me? Ya because that's what ruined that game. *cough* dev *cough*

slate911501d ago

Regen health, regen vehicles, only 5 player squads, spawn on any squad member, commander being irrelevant have all ruined bf series.

daBUSHwhaka1501d ago

Stats.LOL.Nice one DICE.That there folks is what I call Scraping the barrow.

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The story is too old to be commented.