Microsoft's Lack of Xbox One NPD Figure Response Confirms Xbox One Sales Against PS4 Are "Mediocre"

Today, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg gave a strange reason for the lack of Xbox One NPD figures, "Summer is always Slow, main focus is Holiday". Can it be taken as a direct confirmation that Xbox One sales has been mediocre, and it is losing the sales battle against PlayStation 4. This is a complete opposite approach, in last-gen, Microsoft used to post/share Xbox 360 NPD sales figure every single month.

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AngelicIceDiamond1527d ago

Yeah, it was pretty obvious when he made the statement.

SoapShoes1527d ago

Funny this comes right before the August NPD report. I'm guessing they already have the numbers and got slaughtered after TLOU released and the price drop bubble burst.

iamnsuperman1527d ago

I have no idea why he is even talking about this. Any response would come off too PR like but this one is something special. It doesn't even make any sense. It was a twitter question which are easy to ignore. Talking about it brings more grief. Aaron has not though it through

Enemy1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Well, they'll be covering up more truth for the rest of the year now that the Destiny white PS4 bundle is dropping tomorrow.

September is going to be a massacre.

SoapShoes1527d ago

Yeah that white destiny bundle has been selling steadily since E3 and now is a top seller at several retailers. Once people pick it up in tomorrow, all of those sells since June will count for September. Plus the regular PS4 sells which are still high.

nX1527d ago

He really went full retard by replying to that tweet. How stupid can one official representative (who's being followed closely by the media of course) be? I actually find it hard to believe that he still kept his job after so many fiascos.

Magicite1527d ago

new sku = not price drop; kinect bundle = still same old price.

jmac531527d ago

@SoapShoes I know 3 people who were holding off and are now getting the white destiny bundle tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a pick up for Xbox in October with sunset overdrive but September is Sony's for sure.

ABizzel11527d ago

Aaron Greenburg: “Summer is always slow, like pre-season. We tend to focus on holiday when it really counts!,”

June 2009

June 2010

I'm sure there's more if you search through his twitter. I don't know why they keep this man around, he Larry Hryb and Albert Pennello are all expendable IMO, due to their antagonizing behavior towards gamers showing any kind of concern regarding Xbox. Phil is the only semi-decent one there.

stuna11527d ago


Aaron says the summer months are always slow, but it gives them a chance to see how well they've done the first half of the year!? Unless he's the last person on earth, even the most diehard fans are giving themselves multiple facepalms lol.

Some things people in authority don't need to comment on, and this is one such case! It comes off as them thinking they are talking to a bunch of fools.

MrPink20131527d ago

Sony was very quiet last generation when it came to NPD sales because the Xbox 360 was beating the PS3 in the USA. We all know the Xbox One is getting outsold all over including the USA so now they will remain quiet. Nintendo is also quite reluctant to give actual hardware sales of the Wii U. This is all PR as they don't want to appear weak.

A lot is riding on the Xbox One to sell this holiday. It will do OK but I don't think it will beat the PS4 any month unless we see some major price drop of $350 or less. The PS4 has the momentum and most realize the PS4 is more powerful and has a more robust line up of 1st party developers in comparison. The Wii U by comparison will remain slow with a few bumps when a big have comes out like Smash.

Dee_911527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I really wonder what they can do to increase sales? I really thought the price drop and removal of kinect would increase sales a lot.I always thought that if 360 and PS3 released on the same day PS3 would have outsold 360 from the begining. This "slaughter" kind of confirm that in my opinion.. that and or MSFT anti consumer policies really left bad taste in a lot more people than just the core gamers and internet users mouths, but also some of the more casual crowds.

SilentNegotiator1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


Those must be fake. Didn't you read his Tweet? Microsoft/Greenberg only focus on the holidays!


ABizzel11527d ago


LOL, Maybe he has a clone......created by a wizard..........from the moon!

Withdreday1526d ago

Greenberg has to be the biggest assclowns in the industry with the BS that spews from his mouth.

Talk about a guy who needs to STFU...>_<

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Mikelarry1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Aaron should be banned from public speaking on ms behalf, while they are at it also ban

Yusuf mehdi
Albert Penello

You know what they should leave all public speeches to phil spencer

Pogmathoin1527d ago

Yeah really.... This guy must go...... Last remnants of a disastrous launch...... Let new young gamers take over..... When I turn on my PS4, a kick ass console boots.... When I turn on X1, a great console plus so much more boots..... But it should have been so much more......

jjonez181527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

It's starting to seem like MS is just passing the time until the holiday season starts. You can almost sense an air of desperation in their PR guys' quotes. We will most likely hear something more concrete when 1) They win a npd month 2) They have a respectable hardware/software numbers to present

PR guys like Aron and Yusef should'nt be saying anything until they have something worth saying.

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MasterCornholio1527d ago

I agree otherwise they woukdnt have a problem announcing them like they did with the 360.

Greenberg is just being Greenberg.

stuna11527d ago

Yeah for 36 straight months they announced sales! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall for three consecutive years! Nowhere in there did they give a reason for why they wouldn't give numbers. Until Sony broke their streak. Then all you heard and saw was apologist exuding so much salt that they were literally making snowmen out of it.

amiga-man1527d ago

Even VGchartz cant cover up the PS4's dominance,

CaptainObvious8781527d ago

I suspect they'll do their earnest when they release new figures soon. They can say whatever they like for those new territories because we don't have any previous sales data for the new console, so I suspect they'll state the biggest numbers they can get away with.

Forn1527d ago

Yikes, looks like the Xbone can't catch a break.

UltraNova1527d ago

And it never will judging by their nonstop PR f***ups.

Majin-vegeta1527d ago

Correct if I'm wrong but the only time MS mentioned NPD for this gen.Was last Holidays when they outsold the PS4 due to lack of supply right?

GiggMan1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

They mentioned leading in combined software sales back in April I think. That's the last that I remember hearing anything from them NPD wise.

Last gen they didn't miss a month. The official Xbox site, major Nelson, Aaron Greenberg etc. would all post victory numbers.

Flamingweazel1527d ago

They would even gloat, MS is so easy to hate. You dont see sony gloating.

AndrewLB1527d ago

FlamingWeasel- Perhaps you missed Sony recently bragging about hitting 10 million in sales? Or bragging about "we don't know why it's selling so good"....

when you say stupid stuff like "sony doesn't brag", it just makes you fanboys look ridiculous.

Btw... judging by your posts, you'd hate Microsoft no matter what they did.

ShadowWolf7121526d ago


Oh no, they dared report 10 million sales qt a games conference, such terrible bragging. Especially since they didn't drag out their opponent's numbers for comparative embarrassment.

Also, if you seriously think that them saying they don't know why it's selling so well is bragging... get help. They were actually admitting that as being problematic for their marketing department as they don't know what to keep doing to keep those numbers up or replicate them in the future. It's nice to have good will on your side, but it makes marketing folks sweat as one wrong step could lose it and they don't really know what that could be. lol

Only thing they've bragged about or fired shots at MS about are utterly ridiculous policies that should have never been considered.

KwietStorm1527d ago

Pretty big coincidence, heh?