Will PSN Be Able To Withstand Destiny’s First Day Launch

We are only one day away from the hugest launch this year in gaming with Destiny but as a Playstation fan i ask myself this question! Will PSN be able to hold up?

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XBLSkull1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Pre-loads should have helped but if it crashed because of minecraft I'd imagine it isn't going to handle Destiny.

If it doesn't it'll be a nice hate filled PSN vs XBL day on N4G, tune in tomorrow.

gootimes1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

It wouldn't do any good comparing PSN to XBL if one does have trouble, if the game crashes it has little to do with either. The game runs on Bungie's servers with the PS4 version being the more popular one by a pretty good amount it looks like. So Bungie's PS4 servers will likely have the most trouble. But it reflects on Bungie's servers, not Sony's or Microsoft's.

mikeslemonade1527d ago

I'm trying to play Madden so they better.

Brazz1527d ago

yeah! it will be very fair to compare XBL and PSN whit Destiny... the PS4 will only have like 2x more players than in X1, yeah.../S

MRMagoo1231527d ago

It's fine in Australia. Mine craft caused crashes by a bug not server load.

SaffronCurse1527d ago

Pre-loads will certainly help relieve the servers from crashing.

CloudRap1527d ago

Yeah it crashed when the beta started but I think that was from everyone downloading it which puts far more stress on the servers than just playing it so yeah, it should be fine.

MrPink20131527d ago

There will be issues, the question is how large and how quickly they can resolve them. What we don't need are excuses such as due to popularity. That's a poor excuse. The servers should be able to handle the load, we are still in the early stages of the PS4. 10 million won't be buying it on the PS4. Even if you count PS3 sales we shouldn't be seeing crashes. If so Sony needs to explain their infrastructure and why they need so much maintenance downtime.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Well I won't be getting it til Friday so the servers won't have to handle the CHAOS THAT WILL ENSUE FROM ME PONING YOU FOOLS IN CRUCIBLE!!!

So yea it should be fine.....

Crazay1527d ago

I have my reservations about it but hopefully those people there's no issue.

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GreenUp1527d ago

No, the question is has any hyped game ever withstand the stress?

hello121527d ago

Its a Bungie game running on servers they own. If Bungie have not optimised the code to run good on PSN than maybe we will see issues? I dont expect issues unless hackers try again.

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