Destiny is one of the best Vita Remote Play games to date

Destiny is out tomorrow, but the servers are live today for people who got their copy early or are reviewing the game. I've had a chance to play quite a bit already (more on that tomorrow), but I wanted to touch on one thing in particular today -- Remote Play.

Often times Remote Play is a second thought, and requires you to make some sacrifices in control quality, but Bungie did a great job adapting Destiny for the Vita. Everything is relatively the same except for of course the absence of two buttons (L1 and R1) on the Vita and the ability to click the analog sticks (L3 and R3). The former is solved with very intuitive tap system -- a tap on the left side chucks a grenade, and a tap on the right allows for a melee attack. The sprint button is the down d-pad direction, right next to the left analog movement stick.

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Neonridr1502d ago

tapping both sides of the screen at once to use your super move isn't exactly super intuitive. I mean you have to actually aim your super move if you are a Warlock for example, so taking both of your thumbs off the analogs to press the screen kinda makes it hard to actually use it effectively unless the target is stationary..

Snookies121502d ago

I don't see that being a problem, it doesn't take but a brief moment to redirect your thumbs inward a bit. Line up your super and slide your thumbs over. I'll have to see though, to be sure. My friend is getting this tomorrow, so I'll be able to test it out then.

Neonridr1502d ago

yeah, I will know for sure tomorrow too. But Infamous played terribly on Remote Play because one of the fire projectile buttons was on the front touch screen. Imagine aiming at something that is moving across the sky and then letting go of the aiming joystick to press the front of the screen.. lol, wasn't very intuitive.

But yes, we shall see how hard it is soon enough.

LordMaim1502d ago

You can also remap them to the touchpad on the bottom. That's a lot more intuitive for most.

sobotz1502d ago

Nah, Diablo III remote play is better.. Vita isn't suited for FPS games

ThatOneGuyThere1502d ago

diablo remote play is amazing

sobotz1502d ago

Yeah, Vita is the perfect place to play that kind of game.. you can still grinds while you relaxing in couch without having to look into TV all the time. It's great.

I've already tried Remote Play on Destiny Beta, for exploration or finding loot, it's great. But when it comes to serious bosses and raid it's better just played it on console.

stavrami-mk21502d ago

I just opened up comments to say this. Yea I have to agree destiny is good but diablo is awesome

sobotz1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Killzone Vita is optimized for the vita itself.. the design level, recoil, etc.

The console FPS is different than handheld FPS, the control, mechanic, AI.. so you can't really compare it.

SoapShoes1502d ago

Shadow Fall was also better designed than most remote play FPS's.

badz1491502d ago


You said FPS, right? If done right, the Vita can do FPS just fine.

Becuzisaid1502d ago

Minecraft remote play controls were reworked nicely too

ReLLiK1502d ago

How is your guys remote play experience? I was playing my friend in FIFA the other day online using remote okay and it was a rather terrible experience. Every few seconds the screen would become very pixelated and then snap to the current pay as if it were lagging behind. Mind you I was maybe 5 feet from my ps4.

Becuzisaid1502d ago

Flawless at home. I haven't had a good experience outside of home yet though.

nX1502d ago

I'm playing regularly from my works WiFi a few kilometers away and it's almost perfect with only minor hiccups now and then. Its heavily depending on the setup you have at home (your router or it's firewall might hinder incoming connections) and the WiFi quality.

captainexplosion1502d ago

FPS are not suited for Vita remote play. The screen is too small. It makes aiming very difficult.