FIFA 15 PC Demo launches tomorrow

EA has announced that the PC FIFA 15 demo has been confirmed for a 9 September which they are touting as an Ignite Engine demo to see if your rig can handle it.

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pompombrum1554d ago

Awesome, I actually hadn't even thought about the PC demo for this. The Xbox One version of Fifa 14 looked amazing so I can't wait to see what sort of treat I'll be in for when I put the power of my PC behind it.

ProjectVulcan1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I always play this on PC now. It's probably one of those games you go where your friends go, but there seems to be less annoying players on the PC version than the times I have had it on console.

That and it is a lot cheaper to buy. If you use the ol Mexican VPN origin trick you can get the ultimate edition for nearly half the price of the same console version in the UK.

It has always run really well surprisingly too, FIFA 14 always ran locked out for me at 120FPS on a not beast machine.

It's one of the better looked after EA games on PC. To confirm that, they have the next gen ignite engine. Usually before they never had the next gen engine on PC for as long as 3 years after the consoles launched, citing higher minimum specs. This time however, they put it in first version after.

nX1554d ago

Too bad Destiny launches tomorrow but I'll download this as soon as I need a break from that :D