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If one had to describe WARFRAME, it would be a game that keeps getting better and better! Get ready for an action-packed, bullet flying, sword slashing, and mind blowing space odyssey. The game is a Triple-A title created, published by Digital Extremes, and powered by the Evolution game engine, set in the futuristic post-human space. It places the player in the shoes of a ninja space warrior belonging to one of the factions of four who are at war for dominance and survival.

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shinrock1526d ago

This will hold me over till i can buy Destiny. They are damn near the same game.

urwifeminder1526d ago

I gave it one star did not finish the tutorial and new its not for me I guess.

ksnm01526d ago

so...this game is better than destiny

tee_bag2421526d ago

Didn't like this game. It had no outdoor envirnments... at least in the 2 hours that I played it.

iceman061525d ago

You have to wait until you get to Earth to see outdoors. That probably will take you way more than 2 hours.

tee_bag2421525d ago

Cool.. thanks for letting me know

mysteryraz111524d ago

you seem jelly thats its not on pc, poor kid

tee_bag2421523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Lol dumbass it's been on PC for 1 year already. Get the picture yet?

Einhert1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Pay to win title

Really tests your patience against your wallet, that is not something I support.

caseh1526d ago

"Pay to win title"

Not really, you can obtain rare mods and rank them up quite easily then sell them for platinum. I've not spent a penny on the game yet I've not missed out on any equipment or weapons.

iceman061525d ago

There is NOTHING to win!!! What are you winning? Unless you are just impatient to wait to build something or can't stand to see someone else with the newest "thing", then there really is no win. You can pay to speed up things. You can pay for aesthetic items for your frame and sentinels. You can pay for an expanded color palette for customization. That's about all the money that would go out. But, as Caseh stated, get some rare mods or rare parts and trade your way to Platinum.

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