Bungie Unwittingly Creates a Prisoners Dilemma by Telling Gamers Not To Trust Day One Reviews

You must have heard that Bungie has told gamers not to trust Day One Reviews. Well, they have also unwittingly created a Prisoner's Dilemma between the Gaming Publications.

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fllysurfer1504d ago

I have to agree... with Bungie. This game is here for the long run. Judging now would be at best unfair.

WalterWJR1504d ago

So much bull going round with this game. This video says it perfectly imo:

Delaying reviews for what, to populate what? The only area which has more than 4 human players is the lobby.

UnwanteDreamz1504d ago

I see you spreading this lie over and over. You dont know what you are talking about.

UnwanteDreamz1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Disagree all you want I give a crap about bubbles. Instead though prove me wrong.

WalterWJR1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I replied to you via PM, not sure how I am lying, I'm just giving over my opinions of the game.

Palitera1504d ago

By their PR fake logic, Dark Souls, COD, BF and many others couldn't be reviewed prior to launch. It is obviously (to intelligent people) PR BS.

But about the don't trust early reviews, they were smart. The first review is usually a troll one, so they pretty much knew what would happen in that 6/10 fake review.

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Einhert1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

People have already completed the main story on twitch marathoning it (pun intended).

now all thats left to do for most of them is to do the strike missions and that is all the PvE content.

All thats left is the MP and that will last a month at best with OP supers and vehicles dominating.

This game is here for a month at best then to die with its hype train just like Titanfall + Watchdogs.

Between these 3 they are contenders for flop of the year.


The tower and the open areas have lots of players but they are merely there to look at. They however are inconsequential to your actual gameplay experience so yes Bungie is flat out BSing about the reason for withholding reviews.

Jdoki1504d ago


Reading comments like this, it seems people have more fun casting doom and gloom than actually having fun playing games

Sad days for gaming, with all the hate around.

'now all that's left to do for the most of them is Strike missions [and] MP'... So the people who speed ran through the 9-10 hour story, are 'only' left with the core of the game! Poor people with nothing left to do, my heart bleeds! /s

geddesmond1504d ago

If Bungie changed the name and released this game the way it is now except the name they changed it to was Halo something and went exclusive to Xbox we wouldn't be seeing any of this right now.

I've seen it many times with developers that go multiplat. I never trust reviews. I play a game first and decide from that if I like the game and 90% of the time I do like the game. There is many ways of trying before buying nowadays. Betas, demos, gamefly or any rental store. You can even return games after a week in most stores now a days.

It's time gamers make up there own minds about games instead of being told whats good or not especially with all this controversy about corrupt reviewers and hidden fanboy blog reviews that get accepted on this site and gaming forums around the net. Are you a puppet or the puppet master.

UnwanteDreamz1504d ago

Yep Ive only seen one or two people claiming to have the game complain. This is just fud from trolls.

badz1491504d ago

I was not in the Beta and I've only been watching people play on Twitch. the game is certainly not a looker but reminds me of borderlands a bit and not to forget that "halo" feels to it. not the biggest fan of both games but I do like them. I don't really care about review, really. I didn't pre-ordered the game and now I'm gonna have 4 digital copies of it thanks to the recently announced cross-buy. that alone warrant at least a 7 already and if I like it enough, my personal score will only go up. even if I don't enjoy it THAT much, I still got 4 copies for a single price. that's value for money right there!

3-4-51504d ago

* Played Destiny last night.

Played Solo, but there were still people in the same areas doing the same quest and me and we just helped eachother out.

Even if not in the same fireteam.

* ^ Because of this, you need to wait for servers, so you can't review day 1.

WHAT is so hard to comprehend about that?

Are people really that dumb?

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aerisbueller1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

If the game was fun, it would be fun on the first day, and the average joe reviewer would probably say something like "I look forward to see what else is coming..."

They wouldn't say "I'm having fun right now, but this game sucks and will always suck"

seems like they scared cuz the game is boring, and because they almost cancelled out Dinklage's Game of Thrones awesomeness, with what one can only assume to be director incompetence overseeing the voice acting. Somehow I think it wouldn't be too difficult to coax a good performance out of Dink.

deafdani1504d ago

Not necessarily. Being a good actor doesn't make you a good voice actor, and vice versa.

aerisbueller1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Yeah, but I never see Pixar or Disney (I refuse to call it Disney Pixar) release movies with atrocious voice acting, and they constantly hire big name actors much less skilled than Dinklage.

There's a job there for the director to do, and if he/she had done it, we would have never heard performances this bad. There should have been more takes, and if he's just the worst voice actor that ever lived, the part should have been recast, or the sound engineers directed to add better effects to his voice where they can control the performance in post production - like GladOS or the robotic cast in Wall-E.

ceballos77mx1504d ago

I found the beta fun, and im looking forward to the final product.

But im not really into FPS so to im not fatigued on that genre, hopefully they do add more content frequently (not rushed).

Volkama1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

But these 'prisoners' cannot affect the sentencing on each other, and they can speak with each other openly if they want to.

I find this is more inline with playground peer pressure. "Only an idiot would say x about y", so nobody dares because they don't want to be the idiot. It is working surprisingly well.

Does anyone really believe that no reviewer has formed an opinion after several days of beta and a full day of the final product? You can bet these reviewers spend less time playing every other game they review.

UnwanteDreamz1504d ago

Thats why I dont put stock in reviews. Even movie critics watch untill the credits.

Volkama1504d ago

Indeed, I'm not really trying to advocate rushed reviews. Just pointing out that rushed reviews are the standard, so it is quite hard to believe that all these 'journalists' are holding back reviews on principle.

If anything this proves how little it takes to manipulate the gaming press.

lelo2play1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

LOL. Developers telling people not to trust Day One Reviews. What a joke.

What if a gamer plays 20 hours straight in the first day and publishes he's review in that first day... and what if a gamer plays 20 hours of the game for a week and publishes he's review after that week. Who should we trust more? The gamer that launched he's review after a week?

Seriously, Bungie should really STFU. This is just a PR crap to sell more copies after the day of release. Reviews are opinions and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

aerisbueller1504d ago

Surprised Activision didn't release day one DLC to distract everyone from the reviews.

geddesmond1504d ago

I have often played a game for a few hours and decided I didn't like it, then months later I'm bored so I try the game again and I love it. It depends on what state of mind a person is in. I could be stressed from life and not really paying attention to the game one day or I've been playing another game for weeks and just getting bored of gaming so my enjoyment with a new game is ruined until I have a short break from gaming.

Aren't you big enough now to make up your own mind about what you will like. We don't need reviews.

Shadonic1504d ago

First Day one review I've seen gave it a 6/10. One of its major reasons for that score was because it didnt have split screen.

aviator1891504d ago

This is one instance I feel bungie should stay mum on.
If they really are confident in their product, they shouldn't be making such statements.

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