Nintendo Treehouse: Live coming back to Twitch

The Treehouse Crew for Nintendo is coming back on September 12th.

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3-4-51504d ago


The Treehouse at E3 was arguably the best thing about E3.

ritsuka6661504d ago E3 was my favorite thing this year, glad they are doing it again.

AWBrawler1504d ago

who is phantom disagreeing?

weekev151503d ago

Nintenhaters gonna hate

TekoIie1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Awesome! Overall I'm just happy that we're going to get another look at it, but I hope they don't focus too much on its exclusive modes. Would rather just watch a load of VS matches and get more info on the characters.

But at the same time it launches in Japan the next day and all the info I want is guaranteed to release anyway.

weekev151503d ago

Its the stealth direct that intrigues me. Wonder if we will get any game announcements or at least some release datea for upcoming titles.

wonderfulmonkeyman1503d ago

Holy crap, that's a full work day for me!O_O
I hope I have the 12th off...