NHL 15: Missing Game Components and How They’ll Fix It

NHL 15 is a promising addition to the EA NHL franchise. It’s coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One and promised high detail to graphics and such. However, when we’ve been told they’ve potentially left out a lot of key components in the game play, we get a little skeptical.

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Steve1billion1501d ago

I have been really looking forward to this game, the demo showed a lot of promise. I really hope they do get it all fixed.

Pikminmaniac1499d ago

Totally agree, I had a blast with the demo. But with all these features, especially season mode, missing from next gen I'm holding off on buying it.

EinRobot1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

The list of missing features is huge. They are selling an unfinished game...not to me though.

SaffronCurse1501d ago

Don't buy it then. Simple.

EinRobot1501d ago

Yeah, I am not. Also I am going to comment about it. I might even respond to pointless comments while I am at it.

mochachino1501d ago

I'm not either. Shame too, it's my favourite sports game but Club is the main reason I buy it.

I can't understand how they had two years and still release a half finished game.

SaffronCurse1501d ago

Nhl games have been pretty average for several years now, it comes to no surprise that they took out key features people actually cared about.

DarthJay1501d ago

I can't support this. I really want it for my collection because my favorite NHL player is on the cover. That's a terrible reason to give a company $60 for a game that is so massively lacking. This is actually quite pathetic and everything that is wrong with EA.

I am sure I will get it at some point, but not until it is down to $20. This is just pure disrespect. They basically took out everything that doesn't directly involve micro-transactions.

Again, pathetic.

jnemesh1501d ago

(Checks box...confirms EA logo is present) Yup, not buying it. Moving on.

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