Watching Maisie Williams and Other Teens React to The NES is Humbling

Those of you born in the mid-80s (myself included), prepare to feel old. In the latest episode of the Youtube React series by TheFineBros, teenagers, including Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams, are given an NES with Super Mario Bros. to play, and their reactions to the twenty-nine year old console are hilarious. It really is humbling watching teens struggle figuring out how the cartridge fits in the console, and dealing with the fact that the games didn’t always work the first time you tried turning the system on. They get to engage in the ritual of blowing on the game cartridge, even though we know now that the idea of blowing on a game was simply our monkey brains attempting to find a pattern where there wasn’t one. While many of them appreciate these eccentricities, most of them are unable to see the quality of the NES compared to the latest generation of consoles.

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