10 Video Game Myths We All Stupidly Believed As Kids

WC: We all had a friend, with a cousin, who saw a guy get 99 lives and a crown in Super Mario Bros. Everybody had an older brother or cousin that could beat Ninja Gaiden, and in one life no less! Most of these however, nobody ever seemed to have documented… but everyone believed was true. These were before the “pics or didn’t happen” days of gaming and a great many of these stories became myths – the El Dorados, Atlantises, and Holy Grails of Gaming. We believed in them, we searched for them, and we ground our thumbs to the bone for them. Unfortunately, we now know that for many of these just weren’t true – or were only slightly true and then crazily exaggerated. And for the most part, they couldn’t be true – at least not without massive cheating and glitching.

But we stupidly believed in them anyway.

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