GameSpot: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Hands-On

Although the world ran out of superlatives long ago to describe Tiger Woods' talent on the golf course, you can still sit and watch, mouth agape, as he continues to rewrite the history books with each major outing. You need look no further than the third round of the 2008 U.S. Open for proof of that; playing on a surgically repaired knee that was clearly bothering him, Tiger managed to counterbalance his inaccurate drivers with some amazing recovery shots, phenomenal putting, and, as evidenced by that miraculous chip-in on 17, not a little luck.

The only way that most of us will get anywhere near that kind of performance is in a video game. While in San Diego to check out some U.S. Open action, GameSpot also had a chance to see and play the most recent build of EA Sports' latest golf game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, a game that aims to help you become the best virtual duffer you can be.

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