IGN: Madden Monday: New Stadiums and Weather

This week's Madden Monday details some of the changes EA's made in an attempt to improve the look and feel of Madden '09; specifically, IGN will be focusing on the stadium models, and how new shots, modeling, and weather effects dramatically affect the way each appears.

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pharmd3776d ago

still not gonna buy it...... stupid EA sucks at games anymore, especially on PS3

Breakfast3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Its gonna rain, cats and dogs now?

Edit: looking back at this comment, i realize it was very...lame. But, ill keep it up just for laughs.

DarkSniper3776d ago

EA has ensured the faith of PLAYSTATION®3 fans across the US that Madden 09 will undoubtedly be superior on this particular platform. They have only shown the PS3 version of this game which obviously means that the Xbox 360 version is lacking in one way or another.

This is what happens when you lead develop on PLAYSTATION®3. You get a quality product that Xbox 360 is incapable of handling.