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scark921503d ago

Thanks Ubisoft, this was clearly high in demand, thank god I am not a die hard AC fan, I would be broke!

Section81503d ago

A die hard fan would have them already and not need this.

LazyGoron1503d ago

So much AC... are people really in that much of a need of this game collection?

veegeeeffex1503d ago

Those games cost a lot of money to make. Being able to get another shot at throwing them into people's faces and earn money from them is important for a publisher like Ubisoft, which makes games for all platforms.

sikandar2011503d ago

For me AC series is the best after Cod: Modern Warfare series. <3

Arty841503d ago

hope it has the dlc for Ac3 and black flag then ill consider getting it

Benoski1503d ago

If I didn't have AC3, then this would have been perfect for me.

Spontogical1503d ago

PS+ already gave me AC3.. so I have no need for this :p

Great for people who haven't played these games though.

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The story is too old to be commented.