Destiny Popularity: A Look at Why it’s the Most Pre-Ordered New IP Ever

CraveOnline: "Activision proudly announced today that Destiny is officially the most pre-ordered new video game IP in gaming history. Inherently, this means it’s going to sell millions upon millions of units, and be a hot topic of discussion for the foreseeable future. But why?"

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GiggMan1499d ago

Simple, because it's available for all consoles. Titian fall may have gave it a run for its money if it wasn't xbox/PC exclusive. -_-

XBLSkull1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

It's because Bungie's last new IP, Halo, is one of the biggest entertainment phenomena of all time. Games, books, graphic novels, toys, TV shows, anime, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and the list goes on. People are expecting big things.

pompombrum1499d ago

Call of Duty is up there with Halo if not surpassed it in terms of popularity. I can see why Destiny would hold more appeal than Titanfall though, Bungie wanted to really outdo themselves with their new IP and go in a completely different direction, Respawn just wanted to evolve the CoD formula.

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Einhert1499d ago

Because people are sucked in by the hype.

Watched Giantbomb play it and honestly it was boring, Jeff Gertsman just pasted it while playing it.

qwerty6761499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

add gamespot to the list, they said the combat was boring.

tawak1499d ago

i canceled my pre-order after beta, just saying.

vega2751499d ago

Im watching it on twitch and decided not to buy it. Thank god for twitch else I would have regretted my purchase after playing it

xTheSociopathx1499d ago

i promised myself i wouldn't preorder anymore but this dang game

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