Better Communications for the Resistance

Sony has tapped VoiceAge Corporation to enhance the online audio in Resistance: Fall of Man. While IGN editors have had little difficulty with online voice chat, VoiceAge is expected to "dramatically enhance voice communications" by allowing for greater clarity and a more dynamic range.

"VoiceAge is proud to contribute to the impressive realism of playing Resistance: Fall of Man on the PS3 online with many other players -- with this added capability Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment America are poised to deliver an unmatched game-playing experience," said Laurent Amar, President of VoiceAge. "People are essentially social beings with a strong attraction for teaming and communicating. Therefore, the addition of reliable and high quality voice to online multi- player experiences will enhance the naturalness of communication between the players."

testerg356396d ago

Is it me or is it getting kinda ugly? Lots of middleware... mickeymouse patch jobs

Captain Tuttle6396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

This story and the low launch numbers reminds me of the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Toto pulls aside the curtain...

CyberSentinel6396d ago

Welcome to a Non-Unified service.

p.s. $ony Loves You.

OC_MurphysLaw6396d ago

Now the online voice quality will be a variable. I hadn't even thought about that until this article clearly pointed out that this middleware will be used for RFOM...but not a required part for other titles. Again heed the warning...."Your experience may change during online play." LOL

combatant6395d ago

you have to understand that sony can't just go out and "buy" the middleware company like microsoft can. give them credit, at least they are trying.

lalaland6395d ago

I believe it has more to do with Sony offering developers choice. On the X360 all developers are forced to always use the builtin audio chat service. If a developer isn't satisfied with for instance the sound quality, it is just plain bad luck.

The same goes for instant messaging service, multiplayer servers etc...

Wether this is a bad or a good decision differ depending on who you ask.

Raist6396d ago

They make things to improve their services, is it really that bad ?

You guys always seem to search the negative part of everything... even where there isn't.

As Brian said, allways look on the bright side of life !

Balance6396d ago

"with this added capability Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment America are poised to deliver an unmatched game-playing experience,"

yup unmatched by the 360 because it already had great voice and gameplay for the last year.

i can already see the sony board meeting that happened - "sir people are complaining voice doesnt work in RFOM,,,
KAZ- oh c@#p, people actually tried it?, i thought they didn't want that stuff and would just take our word for it that worked like xbox live. we can't do it, quick google a company that can fix our stuff, hey maybe xfire knows someone what is their number?