Microsoft Exec Explains Why They Don't Post Xbox One NPD Numbers Often, Defends Lack of New IPs

"For some reason Microsoft does not seem to post often or prefers to remain silent on NPD numbers. Aaron Greenberg, who is the Global Product Marketing leader for all 1st party and 3rd party games for Xbox, was recently asked why they don't post the NPD numbers as often."

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xHeavYx3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

We all know why they stopped sharing numbers, I mean, last gen (360 gen) they would post those numbers every single month.

“Summer is always slow, like pre-season. We tend to focus on holiday when it really counts!,” replied Greenberg"

Lol, yeah, sure

Manic20143600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

No matter what company, you can't really expect them exec's to admit mediocre sales.

amiga-man3600d ago

Sometimes MS it is better to just say nothing,

gamers are not fools (well most of them) the reason is obvious, your losing the sales battle simple as that.

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ABizzel13600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )


Nintendo did, they said sales were disappoint and they did something about it, and continue to try to do something about it.

MS has borderline done it as well, stating they want to improve the situation, but they won't say sales are mediocre.

Honestly it's just how willing you are to be real with yourself and your fanbase. They're selling a product to fans, and when you have fans it's best to keep them informed, and simply be honest with them. At least that's how I feel.

THey don't need to say we're getting our @$$ handed to us, but they can say we know sales aren't where we'd like them to be, but we're trying to fix it, we're going to continue trying, and we're going to continue to offer a great gaming experience to those who are already on board and those who are waiting to come along.

Only Phil has been real enough to say anything along those lines.

Ballsack3600d ago

Yet when the 360 was beating ps3 every month they not only posted NPD numbers greenberg would gloat

He is such a slimey creep cant stand him and his lies and hypocritical ways,he was the worse last gen thank god phil is more or less a complete opposite of greenturd.

firelogic3600d ago

XB1 sales aren't mediocre though. They're outpacing 360 sales after the same amount of time on the market. Their sales numbers do pale in comparison to Sony's PS4 however, but it's still a huge success.

Baka-akaB3600d ago

Let's not call him names . You do realize it's his job to talk out of his bottom ?

Other PR in the same situation would either gloat for positive numbers , or spin the negative .

I'd be less forgiving for others involved , wich arent PR spokespersons

choujij3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

@firelogic "They're outpacing 360 sales after the same amount of time on the market".

That was before, but now we're in September. So now we don't know if Xbone has fallen behind the Xbox 360 for the same time frame.

The Xbox 360 sold 5.9 million by Sept 30:

nX3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

What a weak reply, as if we didn't know why they don't post them... just like we know exactly why MS is posting shipped numbers while Sony is posting sell-out numbers.

DragonKnight3599d ago

This is the problem with basing articles off of the tweets of PR people like Greenburg. You get non-answers to the point that I personally question the relevance of making this an article.

Summer is not the only months in the year MS hasn't posted the numbers, so what does he have to say about the other months?

This goes for both Sony and Microsoft, there is no defense for a lack of new IP. Listing one exclusive new IP is not a defense for the countless sequels you're relying on to carry you.

The difference of course is that Sony has more interest in making new IPs whereas Microsoft has more interest in buying anything people are willing to sell, new or not.

Mr Pumblechook3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Greeneberg is more oily than a car salesman - and less trustworthy.

When Geoff Keighley revealed that Rise of the Tomb Raider was likely a timed exclusive, Aaron Greenberg tweeted trying to keep the pretence going that it was a true exclusive to trick gamers. I can't believe Phil Spencer promoted this man. Why not tell the truth or avoid answering - he shouldn't give these B.S answers. He makes The public trust Microsoft stats much less.

Look out for the day when Sony reveal the number of copies of Destiny sold, he will reveal "20 million Wizards killed on Xbox One, MORE than any other console!"

Conzul3599d ago

Defends lack of new IP....

LoL, imo that's inherently indefensible.

mike_honcho3599d ago

I don't mean to be Bobby Buzzkill here Mr. Greensburg but your still going to be 2nd, and quite possibly 3rd, come Christmas time.. will you decline posting your sales numbers then too?..

and by not posting them isn't gonna magically make the situation better.. there's a reason they weren't posted.. and in my opinion it's because they were embarrassing..

any company head that claims they really only care about sales for 2 out of 12 months a year are mismanaging the company they work for.. sales should be essential every month, week, day, hour, and minute..

darthv723599d ago

Not that it matters but it goes both ways. Last gen they would gloat over the 360 numbers in relation to the competition. Sony would generally respond with combined numbers of the playstation platform (encompassing the ps2, ps3 and psp)

this time sony is gloating with their numbers and Ms is playing it nonchalant. They care but they dont want to admit that it isnt selling as well as they expected.

They arent really losing in sales (as the unit is selling) its just that they arent winning and they dont want to take the same route of combining sales with the 360 to try and save face.

Their best approach is to just smile and wave. when there is something to be proud of then they can be proud but there is nothing wrong with taking the humble approach.

morganfell3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

^^^You need to learn the definition of being nonchalant. You can see them sweating, you can see feet poking from beneath the curtain as they scramble wildly, you can see them panic when they keep trying different things that at first seem calm and easy going until they backfire. MS certainly isn't being nonchalant.

Redmond is ducking numbers in an attempt to avoid embarassment. Sony often posted combined numbers as Monthly Worldwide reporting data was not readily available and only came at the end of the fiscal year. You know, worldwide where the PS3 was outselling the 360.

Sony is hardly gloating. If anything they have conducted themselves in a restrained manner that has far less drumbeating than some would expect. Their usual comments are that they are amazed and surprised rather than the real gloating we saw from the likes of Greenburg when reporting US NPD numbers for the 360 last gen.

Your attempt at slick euphemisms is not working. Nonchalant for MS and gloating for Sony. Really? Tsk tsk. Its that obvious, that transparent.

And get over it. They are losing. You can play that game of "Well they are winning against themselves" or some other nonsense but the truth is much more harsh. As Ricky Bobby, quoting Reese said, "If you ain't first, you're last."

darthv723599d ago

@Morgan, nonchalant seems to fit here.

adjective: nonchalant

(of a person or manner) feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.

Now behind the scenes its a different story. i agree they are scrambling, but when facing the public they are being as calm and optimistic as they are supposed to be.

And you are right about the gloating. Bad choice of words. Thank you for that. And good use of that quote from the movie. One of my favorites. No disagree from me.

Now here is a question. would peoples perspective of the "system" change if Ms were to admit they screwed up? Not just the actions of changing the policies but flat out admit they screwed up.

the XB1 reminds me of the dreamcast. A great system but no matter the good things done to make it appealing, the self inflicted misfortunes of the parent company create this stigma that keeps people from buying into it...until it was to late.

morganfell3599d ago

Nonchalance does not apply. It only fits for those that lack perception. They do not appear to be calm at all. They look to be sweating bullets with every act conducted with a large measure of desperation. You were also selective in your choice of definitions. There is a chasm that lies between appearing to be nonchalant and actually being nonchalant.

People's perspective will not shift at this point regardless of what MS says.


It would just be words.

Redmond has demonstrated repeated, through actions rather than words, that what they say cannot be trusted. What they do keeps showing ulterior purpose. Their motivations always reveal themselves in short order and those motivations actually do not focus on the gamer but rather saving the Xbox brand. Some would argue they have focused on the gamer as of late but that actually isn't true. The appearance is there in places but only as a byproduct of their actions rather than as the focus.

Isn't it the same thing? No. Does it matter? Yes, a great deal.

The difference can be subtle but gamers have an innate ability to divine the truth. And as we have seen since late last gen when MS went all in on the casual crowd, they cannot fool the core gamer. Not for long. So many steps MS has taken since the failed E3 briefing in 2013 have bombed. Why? They eventually backfire because the purpose in those steps is not servicing the gamer but rather the benefit of MS with the gamer getting something as the second most important goal. In addition they are attempting to change their original vision so far into deployment that the Xbox One hardware just will not support that take. It doesn't help that Phil Spencer was put in charge. A lot of people feel he is a good guy but he was one of the mainstays that got them into this predicament. He was sent out several times to be the whipping boy for Mattrick but remember he chose to do that.

Words would matter in the sense if someone came in brand new and started over in an honest talk with gamers and said we are going to fix this. So in some respects a person from completely outside MS coming in could have a sizable impact. Quite honestly they should have paid someone like Jack Tretton whatever they wanted and hired them.

morganfell3599d ago


I am not a Kinect fan but ditching the device was the worst thing they could have done. It was their ace card and they chose not to play it at all. They failed to support it at launch and then decided to try and be the hardcore gamer's friend long after the hardware was locked. They cannot keep chasing things that look pretty and flashy but instead need to stay the course they originally chose and truly focus on the gamer. They have to put themselves second in the equation. Its the old quote, "Those that seek to save their life shall lose it while those willing to lose it shall be saved."

Sony made massive mistakes going into last gen. Huge failures. It took a lot to recover. But they began to focus on the gamer. They had real exclusives and new IPs rather than timed DLC. They had an alternative vision instead of trying to beat MS at their own game. MS designed the X1 to be a living room hub and then decided to try and beat Sony's vision with a message that sought to be just like Sony. After initial stumbles last gen, Sony penned their message and then they stuck with it.

There are many factors, important factors that differentiate what happened with Sony as compared to the current state of MS. But Redmond has to start with staying on a unique message and focusing on the gamer. They will not beat Sony at their own game. That chalkboard is proof enough. Timed DLC and making enemies of a legion of gamers isn't how you do that. And watching the sales gap continue to widen is further proof that MS is traveling down the wrong road.

SilentNegotiator3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

@"Sony Too" responses...

Except Sony doesn't have an obnoxious figurehead like Greenberg come out and gloat every time they top the charts (something he hasn't gotten a chance to do in a LOOOOOOONG time).

insomnium23599d ago

If MS and Sony's sales would be switched Greenburg would be like Balmer on this vid https://www.youtube.com/wat...
but instead of "developers" he would be shouting "eff you Sony".

There is no redemption for Greenturd in my eyes. Not ever. No matter what he says now or in a 10 years time is all irrelevant to me atleast. He lost every single shred of respect in the x360 era gloating over sales in an arrogant fashion.

jrshankill3599d ago

I have a legit question..

do any of you guys actually play games, or do you talk about hardware corporations all day on the internet?

insomnium23599d ago


The answer to that is yes we do play games. I come here while I'm at work. I almost never have the time otherwise.

Visiblemarc3599d ago

Yeah but I file this under Microsoft talking when they shouldn't.

This whole console gen they have been taking the bait and responding to criticisms (which they have no defense for) and as a result they look bad.

They should just keep focusing on the positive. Have you seen the Sunset Overdrive bundle? Some of the deals are just getting insanely good (like Overdrive bundle with Destiny and MS store credit for $39, just insane value). MCC is around the corner too.

Every console has it's advantages and disadvantages...MS has to stop trying to win on points they already lost on and focus on the good, because there is a lot of it.

Oner3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

darthv72 ~ "They arent really losing in sales (as the unit is selling) its just that they arent winning"

Wow...With that level of obfuscation of reality going on it's no wonder people are salty. I mean, you hear some of the most stupefying things by people who just won't accept truth no matter what facts or poignant information is brought forward.

SilentNegotiator3598d ago


Do you honestly think that coming to that conclusion isn't idiotic, or are you just trolling?

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Gazondaily3600d ago

"“Summer is always slow, like pre-season. We tend to focus on holiday when it really counts!,” replied Greenberg"

Lol, yeah, sure"

Well he is right there to be honest. Summer months always see a lull. Mind you, the X1 had a poor performance even when taking this to account, so that really is the true reason for not divulging NPD numbers.

In fairness, Sony did the same last gen too iirc. It just doesn't make sense to admit mediocre sales like what MMEHTA says above.

Riderz13373600d ago

They all do it when the numbers for their consoles are low, but his excuse for why they're not posting Xbox One NPD numbers is downright laughable.