Gamedaily: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Review - Don King's boxing game goes for the knockout but doesn't connect

Gamedaily writes: "Don King, a boxing legend, lends his name to 2K Games' Prizefighter, the company's attempt to create a boxing game from the ground up. What hops in the ring is decent, with a solid control scheme and a selection of classic and new boxers. However, despite these few attempts to innovate, it just never delivers the knockout blow to win us over.

The controls use a combination of analog stick movements and button presses. The stick motions control your fighter's defensive tactics, allowing him to block punches to the face, upper and lower body. As for the buttons, you can use them for straight punches and hooks or press a couple together to execute more complicated punches (such as a stiff uppercut). The gameplay is acceptable for the most part, except when you press a button and it takes as long as a second for it to affect your fighter. That may not sound like it makes much of a difference, but in the middle of a heated bout, it certainly does. Attribute meters that measure your stamina and overall strength are easy to keep an eye on over the course of each bout. It's especially helpful, when you need a second to breathe and can't wait for the bell."

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