Kombo Reviews Metal Gear Solid 4

From the review: "Metal Gear Solid 4 is an excellent, one of a kind game that raises the bar for the entire franchise and video game development as well."

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theKiller3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

for every low MGS4 score there is at least 2 perfect scores :)

the haters cant hide their hate, even game developers!!!! have u seen the video of bad company??? what a loosers

this is the video, i suggest u all to check out how pathetic they r

because they r that low, i will never buy that game! maybe even any game they make those jealous loosers!!

resistance1003828d ago

Its actually closer to for every low score (8/10) theres 6 perfect scores (10/10)

clintos593828d ago

I am just glad to see these reviewers who give it a great score, they can see it aswell that MGS4 is nothing lesser then a 9 rating, anyone who gives it under a 9 shows just how bad a reviewer they are and dont know the meaning of, "Great Games".

Bazookajoe_833828d ago

It´s really hard to stop playing, i came home from work at 23.00 and started playing. It´s now 03.26 and i have to get up at 06.00 to go to work again. Im gonna be so tired...

TANOD3828d ago

all i can say is that it is like playing MAGIC

TANOD3828d ago

MGS4 is mandatory to become a ps3 owner

djtek1843828d ago

This game is fan-focking-tastic!!

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